Eastern Mojave Vegetation Style hairs of Coll. No. 949, Ribes inerme var. inerme  


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  Grossulariaceae Ribes inerme inerme
Scanned 31 Jan 2014.

The TJM2 key to Ribes, at item 25, requires the styles to be hairy at least at base. The description of Ribes inerme is silent about style hair. Following item 25' style glabrous at base, will lead to confusion at items 32 and 32', i.e., Ribes lobbii or R. sericeum.

Coll. No. 949, 21 May 2013, characters observed: Woody perennial shrub, to 1.5 m.; Nodal spines present, internodal bristles present; Leaves, petiole 12 mm. + blade 12 mm. × 17 mm. wide, ovate, palmately lobed; Inflorescence ±2-flowered; Calyx, green; Pedicel, 3 mm., not jointed at ovary; Hypanthium, cup-shaped, 2.5 mm. × 3 mm. diameter; Sepals, 5, 2.5-3.0 mm., reflexed, green, margins purple- tinged; Petals, 5, 1.5 mm. × 1.5 mm. wide, wedge- shaped, white; Anthers, slightly longer than wide, exceeding petals; Filaments exceeding petals by 1 mm.; Styles, fused proximal ⅔, hairy middle ⅓, separated distal ⅓, exceeding anthers.

Article records that use this photograph:

  • Inyo National Forest Road 01S04A, Mono County, California: 11400.
  • Field Notes: Coll. No. 949.

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