Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1803, Medicago lupulina  


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  Fabaceae Medicago lupulina
Photographed 10 July 2018.

The thing to see here is that the terminal leaflet is separated from the two lateral leaflets on a short stalk or some sort. Ackerfield (2015) calls this a petiolule and Weber & Wittmann (2012) call this a rachis.

Coll. No. 1803, 7 May 2018, characters observed: Annual herb, prostrate, to 1 cm. × 50 cm. wide; Leaves, compound, stipules, leaf-like, 6.5 mm., petioles, 11 mm., leaflets, #3, obovate, 5 mm. × 5-6 mm. wide, margin denticulate, middle leaflet extended beyond lateral leaflet on a petiolule; Inflorescence, compact axillary raceme, 8 mm. × 3.5 mm. wide; Sepals, 1 mm.; Flowers, 2 mm., color yellow; Fruit, unknown -- should be curved.

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