Eastern Mojave Vegetation Inflorescence of Coll. No. 1994, Trisetum spicatum  


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  Poaceae Trisetum spicatum
Photographed 21 January 2019.

Coll. No. 1994, 24 July 2018, characters observed: Perennial, 20-40 cm., clumped, non-rhizomatous; Leaves, sheath, 55 mm., open, ligule, membranous, 1.5 mm., erose, auricles, absent, few wavy hairs around collar, blade, 70 mm., revolute, scabrous; Inflorescence, 1 per culm, >leaves, contracted panicle, 90 mm. × 10 mm. wide, spikelets, many; Rachis, short soft hairy; Spikelets, many, 5 mm. × 1.8 mm. wide, similar, borne singly; Compression, lateral; Disarticulation, between the florets; Glumes, lower, 4 mm. × 1 mm. wide, veins, #1, upper, 5.3 mm. × 1.5 mm. wide, veins, #3, convergent, keeled, keels, scabrous, membranous, tip short-pointed (nearly awned), margins glabrous; Florets, 3 per spikelet, fertile florets, ≥#2; Rachilla, hairy abaxial, not extended; Callus, straight hairs; Lemma, 4.5 mm., ±=glumes, keeled, keel, scabrous, color, tan, veins, #5, obscure, margins, glabrous, tip, 2-forked, awns, #1, 4 mm., bent, attached just above the middle; Palea, 3.7 mm., <lemma, hyaline, keel, scabrous, veins, colorless, margin, glabrous, tip, bifid; Anthers, 1.2 mm.; Achene, 2.5 mm, tan.

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