Eastern Mojave Vegetation Spikelets of Coll. No. 2397, Calamovilfa longifolia  


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  Poaceae Calamovilfa longifolia
Scanned 23 December 2020.

Native and Naturalized Flora of the Golden Area, Jefferson County, Colorado

Calamovilfa longifolia (Hook.) Scribn.  Prairie Sandreed.

Dakota Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado. Northwesternmost Golden, at the south end of the North Hogback, on a small spoils pile of some sort, 4.07 km. north northwest of the GNIS location of Golden. 39.7806N, 105.2376W. WGS 1984 Elev. 1857 m. Partially in the shade of some cottonwood trees, otherwise foothills grassland, also collected nearby: Alyssum simplex, Erodium cicutarium, Euphorbia esula, and Castilleja integra.

Collected by permit: City of Golden, 2020, issued: Apr 9, 2020, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2397. 29-Jul-2020

Coll. No. 2397, 29 Jul 2020, characters observed: Perennial grass, 1 m., thick scaly rhizomes; Nodes, hidden by sheath; Leaves, blade and sheath differentiated; Sheath, >75 mm., open, glabrous to long straight hairs distally; Ligule, hairs, 1.5 mm.; Auricles, absent; Blade, 350 mm. × 7 mm. wide, flat; Inflorescence, 1 per culm, panicle, 180 mm. × 15 mm. wide, 3-4 branches; Rachis, glabrous, not extended; Spikelets, many, 5.5 mm. × 2.5 mm. wide, borne singly, subtended by few long silky hairs; Compression, lateral. Disarticulation, above the glumes; Glumes, lower, 3.5 mm., keeled, veins, #1, upper, 5 mm., < lowest floret, veins, #1, keeled, awns, absent; Callus, straight silky hairs, 3 mm.; Lemma, 5 mm., >glumes, lanceolate, keeled, glabrous, scarious, veins, #1, forming a tiny awn tip, awns, absent; Palea, 4.8 mm., <lemma, colorless, glabrous; Stamens, #2; Anthers, 3.8 mm.

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