Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada State Route 225  

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• Idaho State Highway 51:   at NV 225;  

Junction: Idaho State Route 51

Idaho Above

Nevada below.



Locations: Owyhee.  



Locations: Duck Valley Indian Reservation.  

Duck Valley Reservation above

Humboldt National Forest below



Mountain City

In 1870, Mountain City was made after a silver mine was found in the area. Over a thousand people lived in Mountain City until the silver eventually ran out. Causing the town to lose over a thousand people. In 1879, copper was found at one of the mines North-East of Mountain City. People came rooling back in, causing a Boom Town, and played out until the copper eventually ran out.

A post office was established at Mountain City in 1870. The community was descriptively named on account of the natural surroundings of its elevated town site.

Due to its small size, Mountain City is classified by some writers as a ghost town.

As 2023, no new buildings or places have been built or constructed for Mountain City. The local-town bar has been keeping Mountain City alive for 20 years. The Duck Valley Indian Reservation Council fires anyone who goes to or is seen coming out of the bar.

Locations: Yankee Bill Gulch.  

Junction: National Forest Developed Road 16, east then north about 6.5 miles in the direction of Yankee Bill Gulch.



Locations: Patsville. Rio Tinto.  


Junction: Road to Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is a copper mine that was active from 1932 until the late 1970s.

  Junction: Nevada State Route 11A

Locations: Wild Horse Dam.  

Wild Horse Dam


Humboldt National Forest above


Junction: FR037 “Gold Creek Road”, on the west to Wild Horse State Recreation Area, to the east into the mountains.

Locations: Wild Horse Reservoir.  

Wild Horse Reservoir


Locations: Hot Creek.  

Cross Hot Creek at an embayment of Wild Horse Reservoir

Locations: Owyhee River.  

Cross Owyhee River.



Locations: Wild Horse.  

Wild Horse

Currently occupied by the Wild Horse Ranch & Resort. History unclear.


North of Four Mile Creek and south of Delaware Creek is the divide between N. Fork Humboldt River of the Great Basin to the south and Owyhee River of the Snake-Columbia basin to the north.

Locations: Independence Mountains.  

Junction: National Forest Road 473, west through the Independence Mountains to NV SR 226 at Jack Creek.

Locations: North Fork.  

North Fork

Listed as a populated place by GNIS. GoogleEarth images show a ranch headquarters with three houses and a couple of barns.

Locations: North Fork Humboldt River.  

Cross North Fork of Humboldt River.

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• Nevada SR 226:  90000;  

Junction: Nevada State Route 226



Locations: Adobe Summit.  

Adobe Summit

Pass through the Adobe Range. From the main part of the Humboldt River drainage into the Susie Creek drainage (joins the Humboldt River at Carlin), then along Dorsey Creek to North Fork of the Humboldt River.

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• Interstate 80:   at Exit 301;  

Junction: US Interstate 80, at its Exit 301.

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• Idaho Street:  30000;  

Junction: W. Idaho Street

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• Idaho Street:  35000;
• Nevada Highway 227:  Elko;  

Junction: Nevada State Route 227, 5th Street
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