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  U. S. Interstate 80 goes 2,904 miles from San Francisco, California to a junction with U. S. Interstate 95 just outside New York, New York.



Locations: San Francisco.  

San Francisco


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• U. S. Highway 101:   at US I-80;  

Junction: U. S. Highway 101
  San Francisco Bay Bridge



Locations: Emeryville.  


Former warehouse and card parlor town between Oakland and Berkeley; now becoming a high tech and bedroom community.

Full Size ImageUS I-80 in Emeryville  

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• US Interstate 580:  10000;
• US I-880:   at I-80 and I-580;  

  • U. S. Interstate 580, east through Oakland, Castro Valley, and Livermore to U. S. Interstate 5.
  • US Interstate 880, south to San Jose, U. S. Highway 101, and California Highway 17 to Santa Cruz.

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• CA Hwy 13:   at I-80;  

Exit 10: AshbyAvenue, California Highway 13

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• US Interstate 580:  08000;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 580, west across the Richmond - San Rafael bridge to San Rafael and U. S. Highway 101 North.

Literature Cited:
- Wakabayashi, John, Arundhuti Ghatak, and Asish R. Basu, 2010.  

Junction: Central Avenue

Access to the Moeser Lane site of Wakabayashi et al. (2010) containing a block of high-grade metamorphosed Franciscan Formation.

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• Richmond Parkway:   at US I-80;  

Junction: Richmond Parkway

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• US I-680:   at US I-80;  

Cordelia Junction

Junction: US Interstate 680

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• California Highway 4:  10000;  

Junction: California Highway 4

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• CA Hwy 12:  10000;  

Junction: California Highway 12, east through Rio Vista and Lodi to San Andreas.

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• U. S. Highway 50:   at US I-80 in West Sacramento;  

Junction: U. S. Highway 50. This junction is the beginning of US Highway 50, just west of Sacramento.



West Sacramento

  Bridge over Sacramento River.





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• CA Hwy 99:  32500;
• U. S. Interstate 5:  50000;  

  • U. S. Interstate 5,
  • California Highway 99,



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• California Highway 49:   at US I-80;  


Junction: California Highway 49











Monte Vista












Emigrant Gap




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• California Highway 20:   at US I 80;  

Yuba Pass

Junction: California Highway 20



Cisco Grove




Soda Springs








Other articles:
• Field Notes:  6-Jun-02;  

Euer Saddle

Commonly called Donner Pass. Actually the highway croses at Euer Saddle, and Donner Pass is a few miles to the south.

Full Size ImageDonner Pass  

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• California Highway 89:   at US I-80 West;  

Junction: California Highway 89, south.



Locations: Truckee.  


Junction: California Highway 267

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• California Highway 89:   at US I-80 East;  

Junction: California Highway 89, north.

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• FAQ:  Mystic;
• Field Notes:  6-Jun-02;

Locations: Truckee River.
Full Size ImageTruckee River near Mystic siding, California  

Between Truckee, CA and Wadsworth, NV, US Interstate 80 and the Union Pacific Railroad follow the Truckee River.
  California above
Nevada below




Reno receives 80% of the sunshine possible at its latitude.

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• U. S. Highway 395:  Reno;  

Junction: US Hwy 395, north to Alturas, or south to Mono Lake and Bishop.

Literature Cited:
- Faulds, James E., Christopher D. Henry, and Micholas Hinz, 2005.

Locations: Pah Rah Range. Truckee River.
Full Size ImageTruckee River near Wadsworth.  


Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 427:   at USI80W;  

Exit 43: Nevada State Route 427, Main Street, to Wadsworth and Nevada State Route 447 to Gerlach.

Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 427:   at USI80E;
• U. S. Hwy Alt-50:  Junction;
• U. S. Highway Alternate 95:   at Fernley;  

Exit 46:
  • US Highway Alt-95, follows the route of US I-80 northeast to Exit 83 where US Hwy 95 joins I-80 to Winnemucca.
  • US Highway Alt-50, southeast to Fallon and US Highway 50.
  • Nevada State Route 427, to Fernley.





Literature Cited:
- Jolie, Egbert, Matthias Klinkmueller, Inga Moeck, and David Bruhn, 2016.

Locations: Bradys Hot Springs. Nightingale Interchange.  

Exit 65: Nightingale Interchange. Bradys Hot Springs.

Jolie, et al. (2016) conducted a case study at the Bradys Hot Springs geothermal field to demonstrate how permeable fractures can be identified and assessed by combining fault stress models with measurements of diffuse degassing and emanations at the Earth's surface.

Literature Cited:
- Adams, Kenneth D., Steven G. Wesnousky and Bruce G. Bills., 1999.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  6-Jun-02;  

Many of the basin valleys of western Nevada were inundated by Lake Lahontan during the Pleistocene. Adams, Wesnousky and Bills (1999) evaluated the rebound of the earth's crust when the weight of the water was removed as the lakes dessicated. One of the effects noted was the diversion of water from one basin to another. The Truckee is example of a river that may have been diverted to a different subbasin because of the effects of isostatic rebound. As the Truckee River exits its deeply incised bedrock canyon between the Pah Rah and Virginia Ranges, it takes an abrupt 90 turn to the northwest and terminates at Pyramid Lake. In the vicinity of Fernley, Nevada, the river is incised about 30 m into a package of surficial deposits that include the outcrops of the Wadsworth Amphitheater. Much of the incision may have occurred after the lake dessicated, which indicates that the Truckee River was lowered onto a relatively flat surface at about 1265-1270 m. What appears to be an abandoned river channel continues east from the vicinity of Fernley into the Fernley Sink. Others first noted this channel, but interpreted it to be pre-Lahontan in age. During the initial lowering of the Truckee River onto this surface the river may have occupied this channel, but the sense of uplift would have the effect of lessening its gradient. Continued rebound may have had the effect of diverting the river to the northwest, parallel to rebound contours, where it became incised into its present channel as base level continued to lower.



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• U. S. Highway 95:   at US I-80;
• U. S. Highway Alternate 95:   southwest of Lovelock;  

Exit 83

Junction: U. S. Highway 95, south to Fallon.
  From Exit 83, to the north and east to Winnemucca, US I-80 and US Hwy 95 share the same route.



Other articles:
• Field Notes:  6-Jun-02;  



Other articles:
• Coal Canyon - Stillwater Road:   at US I-80 Exit 112;  

  • Coal Canyon Road
  • US Highway 95 Business



Other articles:
• Field Notes:  Rye Patch Reservoir;

Locations: Rye Patch Reservoir.
Full Size ImageRye Patch Reservoir.  

Rye Patch Reservoir

The sign said "Rye Patch Reservoir" so I though I would pull in to see what was there. It's a bit desolate, and as you can see, the water is green from algae. Since I am pretty ignorant about the Humboldt River, I didn't know that its flow was lower here than farther east near Elko.



Mill City


Other articles:
• Winnemucca Blvd:   at I-80 Exit 176;  

Junction: W. Winnemucca Blvd.
  From Winnemucca south and west to Exit 83, near Fernley, US I-80 and US Hwy 95 share the same route.




Highway passes over US Hwy 95.
  Junction: E. 2nd Street

Other articles:
• Winnemucca Blvd:   at I-80 Exit 180;  

Junction: E. Winnemucca Blvd



Other articles:
• Nevada SR 18:   near Golconda;

Locations: Golconda.  


Junction: Golconda Road, Nevada 790, access to Nevada State Route 18.



Other articles:
• Nevada S. R. 305:   at IS I-80;

Locations: Battle Mountain.  

Battle Mountain

Junction: Nevada State Route 305, south to Austin.

Literature Cited:
- Banerjee, Amlan, Mark Person, Albert Hofstra, Donald Sweetkind, Denis Cohen, Andrew Sabin, Jeff Unruh, George Zyvoloski, Carl W. Gable, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstrom, 2011.

Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 306:  10000;

Locations: Beowawe.  

Full Size Image
Looking south toward Beowawe from US I-80.
Full Size Image
Looking upstream (east) up the Humboldt River at Beowawe.
Exit 261 connects to Nevada Highway 306 running south to Beowawe. There was a geyser near Beowawe until it was destroyed in the 1950s by geothermal exploration.

Other articles:
• Dirt Road:  10000;  

Exit 271: Dirt Road, to Palisade and NV Highway 278.

Other articles:
• Nevada Highway 278:  10000;  

Junction: Nevada Highway 278



Locations: Carlin.  


Northwest of Carlin on NV Hwy 766 are the mining districts of the Carlin Trend.



Locations: Carlin Canyon.  

Carlin Canyon


Other articles:
• Eastern Mojave Geology:  Antler orogeny;  Sonoma orogeny;  

Although the tectonic evolution of southwestern North America (present-day) United States) is generally thought to include only two Paleozoic orogenies, the latest Devonian-early Mississippian Antler orogeny and the Late Permiam-earliest Triassic Sonoma orogeny, many workers have shown that there is considerable evidence for deformation at other times in the late Paleozoic.

Literature Cited:
- Trexler, James H., Jr., Patricia H. Cashman, Walter S. Snyder, and Vladimir I. Davidov, 2004.

Other articles:
• Eastern Mojave Geology:  Sonoma orogeny;

Locations: Adobe Range. Beaver Peak. Carlin Canyon. Coal Mine Canyon. Goose Creek Mountains. Grindstone Mountain.  

Trexler, et al (2004) studied the excellently exposed unconformities in Carlin Canyon and other related locations such as Beaver Peak, Coal Mine Canyon, Grindstone Mountain, and the Goose Creek Mountains. They found that late Paleozoic deformation in the Great Basin is much more widespread and important than has been recognized. The contractional deformation occurred repeatedly between the times generally accepted for the Antler and Sonoma orogenies.

Other articles:
• Idaho Street:   at US I-80;  

Junction: W. Idaho St., to Elko, Nevada.

Other articles:
• Nevada SR 225:   at I-80;  

Exit 301: Nevada State Route 225, also known as Mountain City Highway, southeast to Idaho Street, the main street of Elko, Nevada.



Locations: Elko.
Full Size ImageView of Elko from Elko Summit  



Other articles:
• Idaho Street:  50000;  

Junction: E. Jennings Way, access to Idaho St., in Elko, Nevada.

Other articles:
• Idaho Street:  90000;  

Junction: Idaho Street, frontage road.

Locations: North Fork Humboldt River.  

Cross North Fork Humboldt River



Other articles:
• Field Notes:  at Halleck;
• Nevada Highway 229:  10000;

Locations: Ruby Mountains.
Full Size ImageView of Ruby Mountains from US I-80.  

Exit 321

Junction: Nevada Highway 229.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:   2 May 2024;
• Nevada State Route 230:   at US I-80 Exit 333;
Full Size ImageEast Humboldt Range from the Deeth exit.
Full Size ImageRuby Mountains from the Deeth Exit.  

Exit 333, Junction: Nevada State Route 230, exit for Deeth.





Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 230:   at US I-80 Exit 343;  

Exit 343, Junction: Nevada State Route 230, exit for Welcome.
  Exit 348: ,the old US Highway 40.

Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 231:   at Humboldt Ave;  

Exit 351: Humboldt Avenue, turn right for NV SR 231, Angel Lake Road.



Other articles:
• U. S. Highway 93:   at US I-80;

Locations: Wells.  


Exit 352: U. S. Highway 93.

Other articles:
• West Entrance Road:   at US I-80;  

Exit 378: Nevada State Route 233

Nevada above

Utah below




Exit 1: Wendover



Other articles:
• Field Notes:  17 Aug 2003;  17 Aug 2003;   2 May 2024;

Locations: Bonneville Salt Flats.
Full Size ImageSalt flats.  

Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Flats Rest Area

Full Size Image
US I-80 rest stop in the middle of the Bonneville salt flats.
Full Size Image
The Bonneville Salt Flats from the Rest Stop on US I-80.

Exit 49: Clive Road, to Clive.


Grassy Mountain Rest Area Eastbound


Other articles:
• Field Notes:   2 May 2024;
Full Size ImageView east from Grassy Mountain Rest Stop.
Full Size ImageView east from Grassy Mountain Rest Stop.  

Grassy Mountain Rest Area Westbound

Full Size Image
View west from Grassy Mountain Rest Stop.

Exit 56: Aragonite Road, to Aragonite.




Literature Cited:
- Hart, William S., Jay Quade, David B. Madsen, Darrell S. Kaufman, and Charles G. Oviatt., 2004.
- Oviatt, C. G., D. M. Miller, C. Zachary, and J. P. McGeehin., 2001.

Locations: Great Salt Lake. Lake Bonneville. Lake Gunnison. Red Rock Pass. Sevier Lake. Zenda.  

Great Salt Lake State Park

Exit 104: Utah Highway 202

Once a part of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake occupies the largest northern basin. The Bear River dominates the hydrologic budget of the Great Salt Lake.

The most recent major transgression and regression of Lake Bonneville spanned ~ 14C 30-12 Ka. About 14C 30 Ka Lake Bonneville began to rise from levels close to that of the modern Great Salt Lake. During this rise the lake oscillated at ~ 22-20 14C Ka, producing the Stansbury shoreline complex between 1347 and 1378 m. Following formation of the Stansbury shorelines, Lake Bonneville rose to its highest level of 1552 m by ~ 15.5 14C Ka (the Bonneville stage).

At this elevation the lake overflowed intermittently for ~500-100 years near Zenda, Idaho into the Snake River basin, until catastrphic failure of the alluvial threshold dropped the lake level by ~100 m during the Bonneville flood at ~14.5 14C Ka. Immediately following the Bonneville flood, the lake level stabilized at 1450 m by the overflow at Red Rock Pass bedrock threshold, and the Provo shoreline formed.

The lake regressed rapidly from the Provo shoreline sometime between 14 and 12 14C Ka, possibly to levels lower than the modern GSL. At the lake level receded past 1390 m, it separated into two basins forming Lake Gunnison in the southern basin. Lake Gunnison apparently continued to overflow along the Old River Bed into the northern basin until ~ 10 14C Ka. The lake remnant occupying the northern basin transgresses to the Gilbert shoreline (~1300 m) ~ 10.3 14C Ka, before dropping to levels <1287 m throughout the Holocene (Oviatt et al., 2001, Hart et al., 2004).



Locations: Salt Lake City.  

Salt Lake City


Exit 118: US I-215

Locations: Jordan River.  

Cross Jordan River

Other articles:
• Interstate 15:   at Exit 308;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 15, north, through Idaho and Montana.

Other articles:
• Interstate 15:   at Exit 304;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 15, south, to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Other articles:
• U. S. Hwy 89:   at US I-80;  

Junction: US Highway 89

Locations: Parley's Summit.  

Salt Lake County above
Parley's Summit
Summit County below

Other articles:
• US Hwy 40:   at US I-80;  

Junction: US Highway 40

Literature Cited:
- Jones, Marcus E., n.d..

Locations: Parley's Park.  

Parley's Park. Marcus E. Jones botanized here August 18, 1881, May 16, 1901,

Other articles:
• US I-84:   at I-80;  

Junction: US Interstate 84, northwest through Boise, Idaho, to Portland, Oregon.
  Utah above
Wyoming below

Other articles:
• Field Notes:   1 May 2024;

Locations: Blacks Fork.
Full Size ImageLyman, Wyoming, across Blacks Fork.  

Junction: WY Highway 414, south to Lyman Rest Stop and Wyoming Welcome Center.

Also access to Fort Bridger State Historic Site.

Other articles:
• US Hwy 30:   at US I-80;  

Exit 66: US Highway 30, northwest in the direction of Idaho.

Exit 72: Sweetwater County Road 85 “Tenneco Road”, also acces to WY Highway 374, a frontage road.

Locations: Blacks Fork.  

Cross Blacks Fork


Exit 83:

  • Wyoming Highway 372, north.
  • Wyoming Highway 374, highway frontage road.

    Wyoming Highway 372 (WYO 372) is a 48.59-mile-long (78.20 km) Wyoming State Road, named La Barge Road, located in Sweetwater and Lincoln counties.



Green River


Other articles:
• US Highway 191:   at US I-80;  

Exit 99: US Highway 191, south to Vernal, Utah.



Locations: Rock Springs.  

Rock Springs


Other articles:
• US Highway 191:   at US I-80;  

Junction: US Highway 191, north to Yellowstone National Park.
  Table Rock
Great Divide Basin below


Locations: Red Desert.  

Red Desert

Exit 165: Red Desert



Other articles:
• Golden Checklist Flora:  Elymus elymoides, Small, 1899;

Locations: Wamsutter.  


Exit 173: Kelly Street, to Sweetwater County Road 23, Wamsutter-Crooks Gap Road.




Locations: Great Divide Basin.  

Great Divide Basin


Other articles:
• Wyoming Highway 789:   at US I-80;  

Exit 187: Wyoming 789, south.

  Great Divide Basin above





Other articles:
• US Highway 287:   at USI80;  

Exit 215:
  • US Highway 30 Business, for Rawlins, Wyoming.
  • US Highway 287, northwest in the direction of Yellowstone National Park.

Locations: Fort Steele.  

Exit 228: County Road 347, access to the Fort Steele Rest Area, and Fort Fred Steele historic site.

Locations: North Platte River.  

Cross North Platte River

Fort Fred Steele is about 2 miles north.

Other articles:
• US Highway 287:   at USI80;
• Wyoming Highway 130:   at I-80 Exit 235;  


Exit 235:

  • US Highway 30
  • US Highway 287, to Medicine Bow.
  • WY Highway 130, south to Saratoga, WY and Walden, CO.

There is not much at Walcott. The Shell station may be open. There are a few houses, but the pads at the mobile home park are mostly empty.



miles pass


Other articles:
• Wyoming Highway 130:   at US I 80 Exit 311;  

Exit 311: WY Highway 130, west to the Snowy Range.





Other articles:
• US Highway 287:   at USI80;  

Exit 313: US Highway 287, south to Ft Collins and Denver, Colorado, or west to Rawlins (subparallel to US I-80).


miles pass


Other articles:
• US Interstate 25:   at US I-80;  

Junction: US Interstate 25





Other articles:
• US I-76:   at US I-80;  

Junction: US Interstate 76

  Wyoming above
Nebraska below

Other articles:
• Nebraska Highway 71:   at I-80 W;  

Junction: Nebraska Highway 71, south, to Colorado.

Other articles:
• Nebraska Highway 71:   at I-80 E;  

Junction: Nebraska Highway 71, north, to Scottsbluff.



Locations: North Platte.  

North Platte

Exit 177: US Highway 183, to North Platte


Other articles:
• Golden Checklist Flora:  Notes on Argemone polyanthemos;

Locations: Gothenburg.  


Exit 211: Nebraska Highway 47, to Gothenburg.



Locations: Omaha.  


Exit 452: US Interstate 480, to Omaha.

  Nebraska above
Iowa below
  Iowa above
Illinois below
  Illinois above
Indiana below
  Indiana above
Ohio below








  Ohio above
Pennsylvania below
  Pennsylvania above
New Jersey below



Ridgefield Park

  Junction: U. S. Interstate 95.
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