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 From Choteau, Montana, 100 miles (161 km) south of the Canadian border, at an intersection with U.S. Route 89, to Port Arthur, Texas at an intersection with State Highway 87, five miles (8 km) up the Sabine River from the Gulf of Mexico.




Junction: US Highway 89

Northern End of Highway

  Junction: US Interstate 90

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Junction: West Entrance Road
Yellowstone National Park below



Locations: Yellowstone National Park.  

Yellowstone National Park

In Yellowstone National Park, US Highways are unnumbered. Therefore a gap exists in US Highway 287.

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Yellowstone National Park above

Junction: South Entrance Road

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Locations: Oxbow Bend.
Full Size ImageThe view from Oxbow Bend Turnout  

Oxbow Bend.


Other articles: US Hwy 26 at Moran Jct U. S. Hwy 89 at US Hwy 287  

Moran Junction

Junction: US Highways 26, 89, and 191.

At Moran Junction, US Highways 89, 191, and 287 go north through Yellowstone National Park. US Highways 26, 89, and 191 go south through Jackson and along the Snake River. US Highways 26 and 287 go southeast through the Wind River Range. See US Highway 26 for commentary on that part of the shared route.

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US Highways 26 and 287 are concurrent from here northwest (above) to Moran Junction.

Junction: US Highway 26

  Intersection: 4th Street




Locations: Lander.  


  Intersection: 3rd Street


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Full Size ImageThe former feed mill in Lander, now a bicycle shop.  

Intersecton: 1st Street


Other articles: Wyoming Highway 789 near Lander  

Junction: WY Highway 789, northeast to Riverton, or jointly southeast to US I-80 at Rawlins.

Other articles: WY 28 at US 287  

Junction: Wyoming Highway 28

Wyoming Highway 28 (WYO 28) is a 96.5-mile (155.3 km) long Wyoming state highway known as the South Pass Highway. It travels from its split from Wyoming Highway 372 near the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, across the high plains and over South Pass until its junction with U.S. Route 287 8 miles (13 km) south of Lander.

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Junction: Wyoming 135, shortcut to Riverton.
  Junction: Wyoming 220, to Caspar
Great Divide Basin below
  Great Divide Basin above

Other articles: Interstate 80 at US Hwy 30 Bus  

Junction: US Interstate 80, Rawlins exit (Exit 215), just east of Rawlins.
  US Highway 287 is concurrent with US Interstate 80 from Exit 215 near Rawlins to Exit 235 near Walcott.


Other articles: Interstate 80 at US Hwy 287  

Junction: US Interstate 80, at its Exit 235.


Medicine Bow

Junction: Wyoming Highway 487, Utah Street, north to Caspar.


Other articles: Interstate 80 at US Hwy 287  

Junction: US Interstate 80, at its Exit 313 in Laramie. US Highway 287 having passed through Medicine Bow with US Highway 30, now crosses US Interstate 80 enroute to Fort Collins.

Other articles: County Road 80C at US 287  

Junction: County Road 80C “Cherokee Park Road”, west through Cherokee Park and through the Laramie Mountains, to the valley of the Laramie River.

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 14 at US 287 N  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 14, west to Walden.

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 14 at BNSF Xing Field Notes 18 Jun 2018
Full Size ImageBNSF 5264 and NS 9580 lead a string of hoppers through downtown Fort Collins.
Full Size ImageBNSF 7648 and BNSF 5540 bring up the rear on a string of hopper cars.  

Cross BNSF Railroad.

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 14 at US 287 S  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 14, east to Sterling.



Locations: Fort Collins.  

Fort Collins


Other articles: Interstate 70 at Federal Blvd  

Junction: US Interstate 70



Locations: Limon.  



Other articles: Interstate 70 Exit 363  

Junction: US Interstate 70, just east of Limon.
  Junction: Colorado Highway 59



Kit Carson


Other articles: US Hwy 40 near Kit Carson  

Junction: US Highway 40, east.

Other articles: Colorado Highway 196 at US Hwy 287 N  

Junction: Colorado Highway 96, west to Pueblo.





Other articles: Colorado Highway 196 at US Hwy 287 S  

Junction: Colorado Highway 96, east to Chivington, Brandon, Sheridan Lake, Towner, and Kansas.

Other articles: County Road RR at US 287  

  • Colorado Highway 116
  • County Road RR, west.

Other articles: U. S. Highway 50 w. of Lamar  

Junction: US Highway 50, west to Las Animas, La Junta, and Pueblo.



Other articles: U. S. Highway 50 central Lamar

Locations: Lamar.  


  • Olive Street, east and west in Lamar.
  • US Highway 50, east to Kansas.
  • US Highway 385, north to Deadwood, South Dakota, or south to Big Bend National Park, Texas.
  Colorado above
Oklahoma below




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