Eastern Mojave Vegetation County Road 80C, Larimer County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Generally east and west across northern Larimer County, variously called San Creek Road and Cherokee Park Road.
  West end of road.



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• Laramie River Road:  Four Corners;  

Four Corners

Junction: County Road 103 “Laramie River Road”

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• County Road 86:   at Sand Crk Rd;  

Junction: County Road 86 “Deadman Road”. Some maps show this road as CR 162.

Locations: Sand Creek Pass.  

Sand Creek Pass

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• Sand Creek Pass Road:   at CR 80C;  

Junction: Forest Road 336 “San Creek Pass Road,” south along San Creek to the Deadman Creek basin.
  Junction: County Road 89 “Chimney Rock Road”

Locations: Sand Creek.  

Cross Sand Creek
  Junction: Quakey Way
  Junction: Forest Service Cir

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• Forest Road 540:   at CR 80C;
Full Size ImageLocation of Wilson Ditch  

Junction: Forest Road 540, access(?) to Wilson Ditch. Some maps show this as County Road 89G.
  For the next 5 miles, CR 80C follows the top of Boulder Ridge before dropping into the valley of Sheep Creek.

Locations: Eaton Reservoir.  

Junction: County Road 96B, south to Eaton Reservoir.

Locations: Sheep Creek.  

For the next 6 miles, the road follows the course of Sheep Creek.

Locations: Sheep Creek.  

The road turns northwest up an unnamed draw, away from Sheep Creek. There is a campsite and a restroom here.



Cherokee Park

  Junction: County Road 179 “Prairie Divide Road”

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• US Highway 287:   at CR 80C;  

Junction: US Highway 287
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