Eastern Mojave Vegetation County Road 103, Laramie River Road, Larimer County, Colorado  

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Home Page  Follows the course of the Laramie River in northern Colorado. Probably also the route of John C. Fremont in 1843.

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Junction: Wyoming Highway 10, which could, in theory, eventually get you to Laramie, WY.



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Four Corners

Junction: County Road 80C



Reds Place


West Branch Trailhead

The West Branch Trail crosses a bridge about a 1/4 mile from the trailhead and soon enters the Rawah Wilderness. This beautiful trail follows the West Branch of the Laramie River and climbs through switchbacks for the next two miles to the intersection with Camp Lake Trail. From there the West Branch Trail continues west for another mile where it crosses the North Fork of the Laramie River to meet the south end of the Rawah Trail (#961). About two miles farther the trail enters a meadow and meets the north end of the Blue Lake Trail (#959) before continuing steeply to terminate at Island and Carey Lakes. Stream crossings may be tricky during spring runoff. West Branch trailhead accommodates approximately 26 vehicles and 4 horse trailers.


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Locations: Laramie-Poudre Tunnel.
Full Size ImageLocation of Laramie-Poudre Tunnel, including Rawah and Lower Supply Ditch  

Laramie-Poudre Water Diversion Tunnel

Full Size Image
Water leaves the headgate enroute to the tunnel portal.
Full Size Image
Ditch tender lowering the head gates.
Full Size Image
River return gates.
The tunnel outlet is at Tunnel Creek on Colorado State Highway 14.

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Full Size ImageFrasera speciosa along Laramie River Road.
Full Size ImageLong peduncles and pedicels on Frasera speciosa/  

Large specimens of Frasera speciosa


Tunnel Campground


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Full Size ImageLooking north down the Laramie River valley.
Full Size ImageAn eagle nest beside the road.  

Steep grade and cliffs, with eagle nest.

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Locations: Skyline Ditch.
Full Size ImageGate at the Skyline Ditch road.  

Full Size Image
Immature pistillate cone on Rocky Mountain Subalpine Fir
North end of Chambers Lake, outlet of Skyline Ditch.



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• Field Notes:  19 Jun 2018;

Locations: Chambers Lake.
Full Size ImageChambers Lake from Laramie River Road.  

Chambers Lake


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Junction: Colorado State Highway 14 “Poudre Canyon Highway”
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