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Home Page  U.S. Route 30 (US 30) is an east-west main route of the system of United States Numbered Highways, with the highway traveling across the northern tier of the country. The western end of the highway is at Astoria, Oregon; the eastern end is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Despite long stretches of parallel and concurrent Interstate Highways, it has managed to avoid the decommissioning that has happened to other long haul routes such as U.S. Route 66. Much of the historic Lincoln Highway, the first road across America (from New York City to San Francisco), became part of US 30; it is still known by that name in many areas.

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Junction: US Highway 101

Full Size ImageUnloading fish in Astoria, Oregon  
Junction: 4th Street I think this might be: Fishhawk Fisheries, 1 4th St., Astoria, OR 97103. Phone: (503) 325-5252. Fish Packers (Mfrs) in Astoria, OR. Whole Fish/Seafood, Seafood Canning. Fishhawk Fisheries is a private company categorized under Fish Packers (Mfrs) and located in Astoria, OR. Records show it was established in 1985 and incorporated in Alaska. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $2.5 to 5 million and employs a staff of approximately 10 to 19.


Full Size ImageAstoria Column  


Junction: 8th Street, downtown and access to Astoria Column.

Full Size ImageInformation board about the Bowpicker Caf e.
Full Size ImageBowpicker Caf e.
Full Size ImageBowpicker Caf e.  
Junction: 17th Street

The Bowpicker Café is one block south at the corner of 17th and Duane.

The café is a converted Columbia River Bowpicker fishing boat. These boats were 28 feet in length. They were planked with Port Orford cedar, oak frames, and Douglas fir cabin and deck. These boats evolved from double-ended boats from the 1870's that used sails as their power source.

By the 1920's all boats were powered by 6 to 10 hp single piston engines. By the 1940's and 1950's these boats became the modern version you see here: square stern and powered by V8 marine engines. During this period, there were hundreds of these boats anywhere on the Columbia River.

The Bowpickers fished for salmon and sturgeon on the Columbia and other waters in the Northwest. They employed long floating gillnets, humdreds of feet in length, that were retrieved from the bow of the boat. The fish were then picked out of the net, thus the name Bowpicker.

  Oregon above …
Idaho below …
  Junction: Alt US Highway 30, into central Kemmerer.
  Idaho above …
Wyoming below …

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Junction: WY Highway 89 (UT Highway 30), west to Bear Lake.




  Junction: Alt US Highway 30, into Diamondville, then central Kemmerer.US Highway 189, south to Provo, Utah, or north to Jackson, Wyoming.

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Junction: US Interstate 80, near Little America, and following the route of I-80 to Walcott Junction.

US Highway 30 is concurrent with I-80 east to near Walcott, WY.

  … 168 miles pass …
  US Highway 30 is concurrent with I-80 west to Little America.

Junction: US Interstate 80

  Wyoming above …
Nebraska below …



Atlantic City, New Jersey

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