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 From US I-90 in Buffalo, Wyoming to US I-10 in Las Cruces, New Mexico by way of Denver, Colorado.

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Exit 300: US Interstate 90
  Exit 299: E. Hart Street, to Buffalo, WY





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Exit 189: US Highway 20/26 Bypass, Events Drive
  Exit 186: Bryan Stock Trail, N. Beverly St., for Caspar and US Highways 20 and 26.





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Exit 185: Curtis Street, for US Highways 20 and 26.

Orin Junction

Exit 126: US Highway 18, US Highway 20, to points east.


Locations: Orin.  


  Cross the North Platte River.

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Full Size ImageA loaded and an empty BNSF coal train meet between Glendo and Orin, Wyoming.  

Two BNSF coal trains meet between Orin Junction and Glendo.


Locations: Glendo.  


Exit 111: A Street, to Glendo.

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Dwyer Junction

Exit 92: US Highway 26, east to Guernsey and the Oregon Trail ruts.

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Locations: Chugwater.
Full Size ImageEntrance to Chugwater, Wyoming.  

Exit 54: Wyoming Highway 313 to the Chugwater Rest Area and the town of Chugwater.



Locations: Cheyenne.  



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Junction: US Interstate 80
  Wyoming above …
Colorado below …



Locations: Fort Collins.  

Fort Collins

The city of Fort Collins is located about 2 miles to the west.

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Exit 269: Colorado Highway 14, west to Fort Collins, then through the Poudre River Canyon to Walden, east to … … well, points east.

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Exit 265: E. Harmony Rd, west to Horsetooth Reservoir.

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Exit 257: US Highway 34, E. Eisenhower Blvd, west to Loveland and then Rocky Mountain National Park.



Locations: Loveland.  


The city of Loveland is about 2 miles to the west.
  Exit254: Colorado State Highway 60, west.

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Exit 252: Colorado State Highway 60, east.

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Exit 243: Colorado State Highway 60, west to Lyons, or east to Platteville.

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Exit 240: CO State Highway 119, southwest to Boulder by way of the Diagonal Highway.

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Junction: Colorado Highway 7, E. Baseline Road,

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Exit 228: Colorado State Highway 470, Northwest Parkway

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 128 at US I-25  

Exit 223: Colorado Highway 128, East and West 120th Avenue.

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Exit 217: US Highway 36, northwest, the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, and then to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Junction: US Interstate 70, west across the North American Cordillera, or east …



Locations: Denver.  



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Junction: Colfax Avenue, US Highway 40

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Junction: US Highway 6, 6th Avenue

Other articles: US Hwy 85 at US I-25  

Junction: US Highway 85, "Santa Fe Road"

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Junction: US Highway 285
  Arapahoe County above …
Exit 195: County Line Road 470
Douglas County below …

Other articles: C-470 US I-25, Exit 1A  

Exit 194: Colorado Highway 470
  Douglas County above …
Palmer Divide Avenue / County Line Road
El Paso County below ..



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Exit 161: Colorado Highway 105, to Monument, and northwest to Palmer Lake.
  Exit 153: Interquest Parkway

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Full Size ImagePikes Peak from US I-25.  

Scenic Viewpoint.
  Exit 151: Briargate Parkway
  Exit 142: West Bijou Street



Locations: Colorado Springs.  

Colorado Springs


Other articles: US Highway 24 at I-25  

Exit 141: US Highway 24, W. Cimarron Street

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 115 at I 25  

Exit 141:
  • Nevada Avenue, a main north-south street of Colorado Springs.
  • Colorado State Highway 115, south toward Caρon City.

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Exit 101: US Highway 50, west.

Other articles: U. S. Highway 50 in Pueblo  

Exit 100: US Highway 50, east.



Locations: Pueblo.  





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Junction: US Highway 160, west.
  Exit 34: US Interstate 258, County Road 60, Lynn Road, , to Aguilar.



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Junction: US Highway 160, W. Main St., east.
  Exit 446: US Highway 64, west to Cimmaron and Taos.
  Colorado above …
New Mexico below …
  Exit 452: Cook Avenue, for Raton.



Other articles: US Highway 64 at I 25, US 85  





Santa Fe


Other articles: US Highway 285 at I-25  

Exit 282: US Highway 84, US Highway 285





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Exit 226: US Interstate 40

Other articles: US I-10 at Exit 144  

Junction: US Interstate 10




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