Eastern Mojave Vegetation Colorado State Highway 470  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Partial belt line around Denver.

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• Johnson Road:   at 6th;
• U. S. Highway 6:   at C-470;  

Junction: US 6 (6th Avenue), Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; west end of SH 470

Other articles:
• US Hwy 40:  at CO-470;  

Junction: US Highway 40

Locations: Golden.  

Golden above …

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• Interstate 70:  at C-470;  

Junction: I-70, west to Grand Junction, or east to Denver.

Locations: Green Mountain.  

Green Mountain to the east.

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• Alameda Avenue:   at C-470;  

Junction: State Highway 26, Alameda Parkway

Locations: Mount Glennon Park.  

Mount Glennon Park to the west, no access.

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• C-8:   at CO 470;  

Junction: State Highway 8, Morrison Road
  Junction: Hampden Avenue, Westbound exit and entrance

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• US Highway 285:   at CO 470;  

Junction: US 285, west to Fairplay, east to Denver, Cloverleaf interchange
  Junction: Quincy Avenue/Belleview Avenue
  Junction: Bowles Avenue

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• W. Ken Caryl Avenue:   at C-470;  

Junction: Ken Caryl Avenue, access to South Valley Park.

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• Kipling:   at C-470;  

Junction: Kipling Parkway, access to South Valley Park and Deer Creek Canyon Park.

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• Wadsworth:   at C-470;  

Junction: State Highway 121, Wadsworth Boulevard, access to Chatfield and Hildebrand Park.

  Junction: State Highway 75, Platte Canyon Road, north, westbound exit and entrance
  Jefferson County above …
Douglas County below …

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• US Hwy 85:   at CO 470;  

Junction: US Highway 85, Santa Fe Drive
  Junction: Lucent Boulevard
  Junction: Broadway
  Junction: Colorado State Highway 177, University Boulevard
  Junction: Quebec Street
  Junction: Yosemite Street, eastbound exit and westbound entrance

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• US Interstate 25:   at C-470;  

Junction: I-25, south to Colorado Springs, north to Denver East

End of SH 470

Continues east as E-470
  Junction: Jamaica Street, to County Line Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance



Centennial Airport

Junction: Peoria Street, Centennial Airport
  Toll Plaza A
  Junction: Chambers Road




Junction: Jordan Road, Parker
  Junction: Colorado State Highway 83, Parker Road, Parker, Centennial, Aurora
  Douglas County above …
Arapahoe County below …
  Junction: Gartrell Road
  Junction: Smoky Hill Road




Junction: Quincy Avenue, Aurora
  Toll Plaza B
  Junction: Jewell Avenue, to Iliff Avenue
  Junction: 6th Parkway
  Arapahoe County above …
Adams County below …

Other articles:
• Interstate 70:   at CO-470;  

Junction: I-70, Colfax Avenue, 19th Avenue, Gun Club Road, Limon, Aurora, Denver Northbound exits signed as 20A (east) and 20B (west), southbound exit 20, no toll either direction
  Toll Plaza C
  Junction: 56th Avenue, Front Range Airport
  Junction: 64th Avenue
  Junction: Peña Boulevard, Denver International Airport, Signed as exits 28A (east) and 28B (west)
  Toll Plaza D
  Junction: 96th Avenue
  Junction: 104th Avenue
  Junction: 120th Avenue, to I-76 west.
  Junction: I-76 east, Fort Morgan Northbound exit and southbound entrance
  Junction: US 85, to I-76 west, Brighton, Greeley, Commerce City, Denver
  Toll Plaza E




Junction: Colorado Boulevard, Thornton
  Junction: York Street

Other articles:
• US Interstate 25:   at C-470;  

Junction: I-25, Fort Collins, Denver North.

End of E-470; roadway continues west as Northwest Parkway

  Junction: Northwest Parkway
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