Eastern Mojave Vegetation Great Salt Lake, Box Elder County, Utah.

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See also: Red Rock Pass. Zenda. Great Salt Lake.

See also: Great Salt Lake. Lake Bonneville. Antelope Island. Buffalo Point.

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Once a part of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake occupies the largest northern basin. The Bear River dominates the hydrologic budget of the Great Salt Lake.

The most recent major transgression and regression of Lake Bonneville spanned ~ 14C 30-12 Ka. About 14C 30 Ka Lake Bonneville began to rise from levels close to that of the modern Great Salt Lake. During this rise the lake oscillated at ~ 22-20 14C Ka, producing the Stansbury shoreline complex between 1347 and 1378 m. Following formation of the Stansbury shorelines, Lake Bonneville rose to its highest level of 1552 m by ~ 15.5 14C Ka (the Bonneville stage).

At this elevation the lake overflowed intermittently for ~500-100 years near Zenda, Idaho into the Snake River basin, until catastrphic failure of the alluvial threshold dropped the lake level by ~100 m during the Bonneville flood at ~14.5 14C Ka. Immediately following the Bonneville flood, the lake level stabilizied at 1450 m by the overflow at Red Rock Pass bedrock threshold, and the Provo shoreline formed. The lake regressed rapidly from the Provo shoreline sometime between 14 and 12 14C Ka, possibly to levels lower than the modern GSL. At the lake level receded past 1390 m, it separated into two basins forming Lake Gunnison in the southern basin. Lake Gunnison apparently continued to overflow along the Old River Bed into the northern basin until ~ 10 14C Ka. The lake remnant occupying the northern basin transgresses to the Gilbert shoreline (~1300 m)~10.3 14C Ka, before dropping to levels <1287 m throughout the Holocene (Oviatt et al., 2001, Hart et al., 2004).

Elevation: 4196ft, 1279m.

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