Eastern Mojave Vegetation California Highway 20  

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Home Page  East-west across upper middle California.



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• California Highway 1:   at CA 1;  

Fort Bragg

Junction: California Highway 1



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• U. S. Highway 101:   in Willits;  


Junction: US Highway 101

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• U. S. Highway 101:   near Calpella;  

Junction: US Highway 101, north to Willits.



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• U. S. Interstate 5:   in Williams;  


Junction: US Interstate 5



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• CA Hwy 99:  Yuba City;  

Yuba City

Junction: California Highway 99

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• California Highway 49:   at CA Hwy 20;  

Junction: California Highway 49

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• Notes:  Plantas Hartwegianas;

Locations: Bear Valley.  

Bear Valley. Location of Hartweg's type collection of Hesperochiron californicus Benth. per Jepson (1909, v.3, p. 55)

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• Interstate 80:  Yuba Pass;  

Junction: Interstate 80
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