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LeRoy Abrams

LeRoy Abrams (1874-1956) was a professor of botany, Stanford; author of "Flora of Los Angeles and Vicinity" (1917), "Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States" (vol. I, 1923, vol. II, 1944, vol. III, 1947, vol. IV, in preparation).



George Bentham

George Bentham (1800-1884), long-time president of the Linnaean Society; outstanding English taxonomist; author of



John Isaac Briquet

John Isaac Briquet (1870-1931), director of the Conservatoire botanique, Geneva; Labiatae, Umbelliferae, Compositae; noted for his work to advance modern nomenclature through the Botanical Congresses.



John P. Buwalda


Literature Cited:
- Buwalda, J. P., 1914.  


Locations: Buwalda Ridge.  




George Carruthers


Literature Cited:
- Sharp, Maud Morrow, 1984.

Locations: Caruthers Canyon.  

Sharp (1984, p. 101) says of George Carruthers, from the time of 1920-21,
... a man of middle age, was a droll character. He lived alone, as watchman at the Giant Ledge Mine, in Fourth of July Canyon. Some said he was a "remittance man" from England. He drove a little Metz roadster for everyday travel and general use, but on special occasions he sported an elegant maroon colored Pathfinder ... Some of our picnics were held at his place, a lovely shaded canyon with plenty of fresh water. He eventually moved out. He bought and operated a hotel and restaurant at Newberry Springs about midway between Barstow and Ludlow.
  A "remittance man" is someone away from home, possibly an exile, who is living on money sent from home.

Locations: Fourth of July Canyon. Fourth of July Canyon. Giant Ledge Mine.  

The association of the Giant Ledge Mine with the Fourth of July Canyon is interesting. The Giant Ledge Mine is in a canyon now called "Caruthers Canyon," whereas present-day Fourth of July Canyon is now the next canyon to the west. Is it possible the the canyons have been renamed since the 1920's? And, is it possible that Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg were not confused as to which canyon they collected?



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James Graham Cooper

James Graham Cooper (1830-1893) was a surgeon-naturalist for the California Geological Survey (1860-1874) with Whitney, Brewer, Bolander, etc. Primarily a zoologist, but also made significant botanical collections from San Diego to Fort Mohave, Arizona, in 1861; e.g., Achyronychia cooperi, Caulanthus cooperi, Hymenoxys cooperi, Juncus cooperi, Lycium cooperi, Psilostrophe cooperi. Also very active in California Academy of Sciences, holding a diversity of offices ending with Director of the Museum.



David Douglas

David Douglas (1798-1834), was ardent Scotch collector in northwestern America, taking nearly 500 species in California alone for the Royal Horticultural Society; collected extensively along the Columbia River: " his cost of maintenance during three years came to 66."



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Carl Clawson Epling

Carl Clawson Epling (1894-____), professor of botany, California (Los Angeles); student of Labiatae.



Locations: Francis Spring.  

William France


Literature Cited:
- Casebier, Dennis G., 1988.  

(????--1873) An early prospector and adventurer in the southwestern deserts. The earliest known reference to William France was in El Dorado Canyon in 1861. Thought to be a protege of Johnny Moss, he was in the San Francisco Mining District on the Colorado River when the Moss Lode was discovered. An account o travel past Francis Spring printed in the San Bernardino Guardian in 1871, as quoted by Casebier (1988, p. 199) states that Francis Spring " ... derived their name from the present gentlemenly acting superindendent of the Piute Mining Company at Ivanpah, well known as one of our old residents in the lower country." Thus France's Spring became Francis Spring. William France settled in the Cerbat Mountains of northwestern Arizona, and died there in 1873 having become lost and unable to find water.



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Locations: Panaca Valley.  

Marie Gentry

Wife of Howard Scott Gentry, Marie Gentry was born Marie Ann Cech, whose parents had citrus orchards at Brawley in the Imperial Valley. Married to Gentry in 1934, she accompanied her husband into the field, often helping him to collect specimens and prepare notes. While Howard Gentry dug for fossils in 1941 in Panaca, Nevada, Marie Gentry collected plant specimens that are now in the University of Arizona and other herbaria. Of particular interest to me is her collection #41 Frasera albomarginata which was mis-identified as F. paniculata leading to an erroneous report of the later species in Nevada.



Asa Gray

Asa Gray (1810-1888), professor of botany, Harvard; preeminent American systematist; author "Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" (1848, now through 8 editions), Gamopetalae of California in Brewer and Watson's "Botany of California" (1876), Syntopical Flora of North America (1878-1897), botanical textbooks, numerous reports of collections and revisions.



Edward Lee Greene

Edward Lee Greene (1843-1915), professor of botany, California, 1885-1895, then at Catholic University of America and Smithsonian Institution; editor of Pittonia, and Leaflets of Botanical Observation and Criticism, believer in absolute priority in nomenclature.



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Royce D. Hermansen

In 1950 was with the Soil Conservation Service in Elko, Nevada. Collections from June and July 1937 are online at NY and UTC.



Willis Linn Jepson

Willis Linn Jepson (1867-1946), professor of botany, California; author of "A Flora of California," "A Manual of the Flowering Plants of California," and other works; founder of the California Botanical Society.



Albert Kellogg

Albert Kellogg (1813-1887), San Francisco physician and botanist; a founder of the California Academy of Sciences.



John Lindley

John Lindley (1799-1865), professor of botany, London; editor of Edwards's Botanical Register (1829-1847), horticulturist and textbook writer.



Howard E. McMinn

Howard E. McMinn (1892-____), professor of botany, Mills College, author of and other works; Ceanothus, Diplacus.



Clinton Hart Merriam

Clinton Hart Merriam (1855-1942), founder and chief of U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey.



Ernst Jesse Palmer

Ernst Jesse Palmer (1875-____), field collector for Missouri Botanical Garden and Arnold Arboretum, 1913-1948.



Literature Cited:
- Jepson, Willis Linn, 1932.  

Samuel Bonsall Parish

Samuel Bonsall Parish (1838-1928), pioneer botanist of San Bernardino who made known much of the southern California flora, "Little or little-known plants of southern California--1," Erythea,: 85-92.



Per Axel Rydberg

Per Axel Rydberg (1860-1931), curator, New York Botanical Garden; author of "Flora of Colorado" (1906), "Flora of the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains" (1917), "Flora of the Prairies and Plains of Central North America" (1932), etc.
  Rydberg, Per Axel. 1860-1931, curator, New York Botanical Garden; author of "Flora of Colorado" (1906), "Flora of the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains" (1917), "Flora of the Prairies and Plains of Central North America" (1932), etc.



Literature Cited:
- O'Neill, Elizabeth Stone, 1996.  

Carl W. Sharsmith





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