Eastern Mojave Vegetation Autecology of Desert Elkweed Frasera albomarginata S. Watson (Syn: Swertia a.) Gentianaceae in the American Southwest (Continued)  

Tom Schweich  

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Literature Review
Field Work and Methods
Growth Habits
Relationships to Soils and Other Plants
Life History
Literature Cited
Appendix A -- Field Data
Communications Received.
Portions of this paper were paper were originally presented at the 1999 Desert Research Symposium at the San Bernardino County Museum (Schweich, 1999) and at the 2017 Desert Symposium (Schweich, 2017).





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Appendix A -- Field Data

For a listing of field data, click here.





Communications Received.

    Fri, 15 Sep 1995 23:10:50 -0400. Frasera albomarginata is also found in the New York Mountains of the East Mojave Desert Preserve and has appeared on a plant list for Clark Mtn even though I've not seen it there. Mary DeDecker reports it appearing in the Last Chance Mtns and Dry Mtn in the northern Mojave desert. It seems to be a limestone endemic but I wouldn't think it to be a relic - it's too widespread. Jim Pittman, jmpii@aol.com
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