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• Eastern Mojave Climate:  32000;
• Field Notes:   in Apr 1980;

Locations: Mitchell Caverns. Providence Mountains.  

Providence Mountains State Park

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A little snow at Mitchell Caverns
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The entrance to Mitchell Caverns.
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Mitchell Caverns headquarters at the end of Essex Road.
Mitchell Caverns headquarters. The white splotches are indeed snow flakes. Photograph taken in April 1980.

Full Size ImageSnow at Mitchell Caverns  
Snow at the visitor center of Mitchell Caverns in December 2008.

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• 7IL Ranch Rd:  50000;
Full Size ImageBonanza King Mine.  

Junction: 7IL Ranch Road

The 7IL Ranch Road is the preferred road for Bonanza King Canyon, and the Bonanza King Mine. This photograph shows the remains of the mill at the Bonanza King Mine, as it appeared in 1981.

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• Black Canyon Road:   at Essex Road;  

Junction: Black Canyon Road, turn right (northeast) for Hole-In-The-Wall, Black Canyon, and Round Valley.

Full Size ImageProvidence Mountains in snow.  
View of Providence Mountains after a snow storm; photo be Phil Woodall, 19 December 2008.

Full Size ImageDesert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizi) along Essex Road.  
Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizi) along Essex Road.
  The Blind Hills are the small hills to the east of Essex Road.
  Junction: Hidden Hills Road

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• U. S. Interstate 40:   at Essex Road;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 40



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• U. S. Highway 66:   at Essex;

Locations: Essex.  


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