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- Thompson, David G., 1921.

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Locations: Cima.  


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The Cima Store in Cima.
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Cima Store
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Road Junction in Cima
  • Kessler Springs Road, north to US I-5 at Valley Wells.
  • Morningstar Mine Road

There are also several routes from Thompson (1921), Routes to Desert Watering Places in the Mohave Desert Region, that begin or end at Cima:

  • Silver Lake -- Nipton -- Cima
  • Fenner -- Cima, by way of Cedar Canyon and Black Canyon.
  • Cima to Kelso and Marl Spring
  • Cima -- Ivanpah -- Nipton
  • Lanfair -- Cima, by way of Cedar Canyon and Rock Springs

Full Size ImageTortoise along Cima Road  

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Full Size ImageThe Mojave Road west of Cedar Canyon.
Full Size ImagePlaque dedicated to the Mojave Road  

  • Cedar Canyon Road, east through Round Valley to Lanfair Valley.
  • Mojave Road, west to Marl Spring, east roughly paralleling Cedar Canyon Road through the Lanfair Valley to Fort Piute.

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Full Size ImageRailroad bridge over Macedonia Canyon Road.  

  • Macedonia Canyon Road, east through Macedonia Canyon to Wild Horse Canyon Road.

This junction can be easily found by the corral and green water tank on the opposite side of the road, and the appellation "B-258" written on the bridge.

Other articles: Field Notes Thursday, 22 January
Full Size Image“B-195” underpass.
Full Size Image“B-195” underpass.  

Underpass labelled “B-195.” I have repeatedly been sucked into believing this is the underpass for Macedonia Canyon. The correct underpass is about 2.3 miles north.

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Full Size ImageCollection No. 152, Asclepias erosa
Full Size ImageA Union Pacific train waits for a green signal at Elnora along Kelso-Cima Road.  

Union Pacific train waits for a green signal at Elnora.

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  • Globe Mine Road, east into Globe Canyon.

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Locations: Kelso.
Full Size ImageFormer Post Office in Kelso  

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Kelso Depot



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Locations: Kelso.
Full Size ImageKelso Depot  


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Kelso Depot in April 1998.
  • Kelbaker Road, north and west to US Interstate 15 at Baker, or south to US Interstate 5.
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