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Home Page   This page logs Macedonia Canyon Road from Wild Horse Canyon on the East end to Kelso-Cima Road on the West end. This is also the down hill direction.



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Locations: Macedonia Canyon.  


  • Wild Horse Canyon Road
  Macedonia Canyon Road joins Wild Horse Canyon Road just south of where Wild Horse Canyon Road starts to climb out of the head of Macedonia Canyon. You can't get into Macedonia Canyon by following the wash next to Wild Horse Canyon Road, due to fences and road closure signs.




Please close the gate behind you.

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Full Size ImageUpper Macedonia Canyon  




Macedonia Canyon Wash

Be careful of rocks sticking up out of the sand.

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Locations: Macedonia Canyon.
Full Size ImagePurple Mat (Nama sp.) in Macedonia Canyon.  

Full Size Image
Washout in Macedonia Canyon
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 284, Nama demissum var. demissum
Washout in the canyon in 2005.


Full Size ImageMacedonia Canyon  

Stone Cabin

The remains of several stone cabins can be found in the upper reaches of Macedonia Canyon.



Canyon Narrows


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Locations: Macedonia Canyon.
Full Size ImageWashout in Macedonia Canyon  

In 2005, the road in the canyon was washed out.

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Full Size ImageEaton's Firecracker in Macedonia Canyon.
Full Size ImageEaton's Firecracker in Macedonia Canyon.  

Penstemon eatoni in the wash of Macedonia Canyon.

Full Size ImageThe Columbia Mine.  
The Columbia Mine is a little bit off of the main road through Macedonia Canyon. I'll leave it to your map reading skills to find it. Don't be deterred by the big gate. Everyone else just drives around it. You can too.

Full Size ImageChemical storage at the Columbia Mine.  
Here's the chemical storage area at the Columbia Mine. Are these chemicals hazardous? How would you know?
  Right Turn, Out of the Wash

Locations: Columbia Mountain.
Full Size ImageColumbia Mountain as seen from the Blue Rock Mine in Macedonia Canyon.  

At the very top of Columbia Mountain is an excellent example of supergene enrichment of copper ores. The idea behind supergene enrichment goes something like this. In the beginning there was a small amount of copper mineralization in the ore vein. As the mountain eroded away, the copper minerals were dissolved and then redeposited a few feet deeper in the vein. As a result the copper vein at the surface looks to be very rich. But just a few feet below the surface there is very little copper. Someone built a road to the top of Columbia Mountain, and dug some exploratory trenches in rich copper veins right on the very top of the mountain. However as soon as they got a few feet down, the vein was not rich enough to continue digging.

Locations: Blue Rock Mine.
Full Size ImageBlue Rock Mine.  

I met Bill Brown, owner of the Blue Rock Mine, one afternoon in about 1985. He told me the Blue Rock Mine was his, and that he mined "pods" of scheelite (tungsten ore) even though there was substantial copper mineralization on his property. He also said he lived in Los Angeles, and drove out to his mine on the weekends. He kept his trailer and "jeep" at the Cima Store.

I haven't seen Bill since, the roof is torn off of his cabin and the trailer at Cima Store looks to be abandoned.

Full Size ImageTortoise in Macedonia Canyon.  




Please close the gate behind you.

Full Size ImageRailroad bridge over Macedonia Canyon Road.  
Macedonia Canyon Road joins Kelso-Cima Road in a wash. It immediately passes under a Union Pacific Railroad bridge. The bridge is labeled "B-252." Across Kelso-Cima Road is a dark green water tank and a corral.



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  • Kelso Cima Road.
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