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Home Page  Kessler Springs Road connects Valley Wells on the north with Cima on the south.



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• Kingston Road:  Valley Wells;
• Interstate 15:  Valley Wells;  

Valley Wells

  • Kingston Road, north to the Kingston Range.
  • U. S. Interstate 15, east to Las Vegas, west to Los Angeles.

Locations: Clark Mountain.
Full Size ImageClark Mountain as seen from Kessler Springs Road.  

Clark Mountain as seen from Kessler Springs Road. Two trucks on Interstate 15 can be faintly seen in the left middle ground.

Locations: Mojave National Preserve.
Full Size ImageEntrance sign near Valley Wells.  

North entrance to Mojave National Preserve.

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• Zinc Mine Road:  Kessler Springs Road;  

Junction: Zinc Mine Road, northeast through Piute Valley, past Kokoweef Peak, to US I-15 at Mountain Pass.

Locations: Striped Mountain.
Full Size ImageStriped Mountain as seen from Kessler Springs Road.  

Striped Mountain as seen from Kessler Springs Road.

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• Field Notes:  20050527060;

Locations: Evening Star Mine.  

Full Size Image
The Evening Star Mine as seen from Kessler Springs (Cima) Road.
The Evening Star Mine as seen from Kessler Springs Road.

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• Valley View Ranch Road:   at Kessler Sprs Rd;  

Junction: Valley View Ranch Road

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Other articles:
• Field Notes:   20 Apr 2004;  27-May-08;  20090601030;  May 27, 2012;  

Full Size Image
Cross beside Kessler Springs Road on Cima Dome.
Full Size Image
The Cross-In-A-Box in May, 2008
Full Size Image
The Cross-In-A-Box on June 1, 2009
Full Size Image
Sunrise Rock, sans Cross, June 2012
Full Size Image
The Cross on Kessler Springs Road -- Covered this time.
Driving by "The Cross" on Kessler Springs Road, I noticed that a box has been placed over it.

When I later drove by, Sunday, May 22, 2004, the box had been removed.

Meanwhile, on June 8, 2004, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that the cross likely violated the establishment clause. Attempts to transfer the property to private owners have not rendered the case moot because it may take several years to complete the property transfer.

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• Blackbrush:   on Cima Dome;
Full Size ImageBlackbrush in pass between Cima Dome and Kessler Peak  

Blackbrush along side road, in small pass between Cima Dome and Kessler Peak.

Locations: Ivanpah Mountains.
Full Size ImageIvanpah Mountains.  

The western end of the Ivanpah Mountains as seen from Kessler Springs Road.



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Cima Dome

Vasek and Rowlands (not published) measured vegetational characteristics of a Joshua tree woodland north of Cima as reported in Vasek and Barbour (1988). A summary of their work is available in my page, "Summaries of Literature."

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Junction: Kessler Peak Road.

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• Power Line Road:  Cima Road;  

Junction: Power Line Road



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Other articles:
• Kelso Cima Road:   at Cima;
• Morning Star Mine Road:   at Cima;
• Routes to Water:  Contents;   at Cima;   at Cima;

Locations: Cima.  


  • Kelso Cima Road, southwest to Kelso.
  • Morningstar Mine Road, northeast in the direction of Ivanpah and Nipton.

There are also several routes from Thompson (1921), Routes to Desert Watering Places in the Mohave Desert Region, that begin or end at Cima:

  • Silver Lake -- Nipton -- Cima
  • Fenner -- Cima, by way of Cedar Canyon and Black Canyon.
  • Cima to Kelso and Marl Spring
  • Cima -- Ivanpah -- Nipton
  • Lanfair -- Cima, by way of Cedar Canyon and Rock Springs
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