Eastern Mojave Vegetation Social Trail, Magpie Gulch Trail to Parkview Court  

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 Trail established prior to October 1999

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• 6th Street:   at end;
• Field Notes:   31 Mar 2024;
Full Size ImageEast end of social trail on 6th Street.  

Junction: 6th Street

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• Parkview Court:   at cul de sac;
• Field Notes:   31 Mar 2024;   1 Apr 2024;
Full Size ImageExit of social trail off of Parkview Court.
Full Size ImageWest on the social trail from Parkview Court.  

Edge of Cul-de-Sac

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• Parkview Court:   at cul de sac;  

Junction: Parkview Court


Edge of Cul-de-Sac


Junction: Social trail west to park.

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• Field Notes:  26 Oct 2021;
Full Size ImageWork on the surge pond.  

Between the two off-shoot trails.

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• Field Notes:   1 Mar 2024;
Full Size ImageSocial trail at minor junction.  

Junction: short cut

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• Field Notes:   10 Oct 2023;
Full Size ImageTrail widening caused by erosion.  

Uphill section, eroded in middle, then widened by users to avoid loose footing.

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• Field Notes:   10 Oct 2023;   26 Feb 2024;
Full Size ImageSedimented drain from surge pond.
Full Size ImageA couple walking their dog on the social trail.  

Corner of drainage structure.

Reconstruction of the surge pond left a porous overflow channel constructed of boulders. However, erosion and deposition from foot traffic has filled in the open boulder channel with fine soil. So if the pond ever overflows, the overflowing water will transport and deposit silt downstream.

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• Field Notes:   22 Oct 2021;
Full Size ImageThe social trail with temporary fence during reconstruction of the surge pond.  

Between off-camber section and drainage structure.


Off-camber trail

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• Magpie Gulch Trail:   at social trail;  

Junction: Magpie Gulch Trail




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