Eastern Mojave Vegetation Colorado State Highway 125  

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Home Page  Runs north–south through Jackson and Grand counties in north central Colorado. It furnishes the principal north–south link through North Park and a connection to Middle Park over Willow Creek Pass. It is two-lane along its entire route.

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• WY Highway 230 West:   at Colorado State Line;  

Junction: Wyoming Highway 230, north through Riverside-Encampment to Saratoga, WY.


Wyoming above …

Colorado below …

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• CO State Highway 127:   at CO SH125;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 127, northeast to Wyoming.
  Junction: 1st Street
  Junction: 2nd Street
  Junction: 3rd Street
  Junction: 4th Street




Junction: 5th Street

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Junction: 6th Street, Colorado 14, east to Fort Collins

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Junction: Colorado 14, west to US 40 at Muddy Pass.


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• Field Notes:   19 Jun 2018;

Locations: Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge.
Full Size ImageNature trail on the Illinois River.  

Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

Full Size Image
Illinois River in Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge.





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• Cty Rd 27:   at CO 125;  

Junction: County Road 27, generally north, then east to Colorado Highway 14.

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Junction: Forest Road 106



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Locations: Willow Creek Pass.
Full Size ImageWillow Creek Pass, Elevation 9683 Feet  

Willow Creek Pass


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• Field Notes:   20 Jun 2018;
Full Size ImageMeadow in Pass Creek  


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• Field Notes:   20 Jun 2018;
Full Size ImageDike along the highway.
Full Size ImageThe view in the opposite direction, probably of Parkview Mountain.  

The road across the highway from the dike is probably FR 258. Forest Service maps show a locked gate about 1/4 mile up the road.

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• County Road 40:   at CO 125;  

Junction: , this may just be the driveway to the C Lazy U Ranch, or it may be the extension of County Road 40 west from Willow Creek Reservoir.

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• US Hwy 40:   at CO 125;  

Junction: US Highway 40, near Granby.
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