Eastern Mojave Vegetation Details of Coll. No. 2919, Xanthoceras sorbifolium in the alley.  


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  Sapindaceae Xanthoceras sorbifolium
Photographed 13 May 2023.

Coll. No. 2919, 13 May 2023, characters observed: Perennial woody shrub or small tree, to 2 m.; Stem, unarmed; Leaves, alternate, ovate, 95 mm. × 45 mm. wide, compound, pinnate, leaflets #11, 24 mm. × 8 mm. wide, lanceolate, sharply serrate distally, adaxial surface minutely hairy on veins, abaxial surface puberulent; Inflorescence, clusters on previous year's stems; Flowers borne singly; Petioles, 18 mm.; Sepals, #5, 8 mm. × 5 mm. wide, ovate, rounded; Petals, #5, free to base, 20 mm. × 7 mm., oblanceolate, margin crisped(?), greenish-yellow to white distally, ciliate at base; Nectary(???) 5-lobed, orange, club-shaped; Stamens, #8, included, different lengths; Anthers, 1 mm., versatile, yellow; Stigmas, #1, bifid.

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