Eastern Mojave Vegetation Basal leaf of Coll. No. 1333, Ranunculus repens  


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  Ranunculaceae Ranunculus repens
Scanned 6 November 2016.

Coll. No. 1333, 11 May 2016, characters observed: Perennial herb, terrestrial of wet habitat, not alpine, appressed to spreading hairy throughout; Leaves, basal, petiole to 26 cm., 8 cm. × 10 cm. wide, ternately compound, divided once again, then lobed, cauline, distributed along stem, alternate, compound; Flowers, radially symmetric, Sepals, spreading (not reflexed), 9 mm., long straight hairy; Petals, #5, 16 mm. × 12 mm. wide, yellow, not spurred, nectary scale free ≥½ length; Pistils many; Style absent; Achenes, (immature) 1.5 mm., beak straight to slightly curved.

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