Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1913, Carex occidentalis  


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  Cyperaceae Carex occidentalis
Scanned 2 December 2018.

Coll. No. 1913, 31 May 2018, characters observed:

Perennial sedge,

Habit, densely caespitose;

Culms, to 60 cm., lightly scabrous below head;

Leaves, 2.2 mm. wide, green, Sheaths, white-hyaline, ventrally smooth;

Inflorescence, 22-26 mm. × 8-9 mm. wide, 8-9 spikes, closely clustered;

Spikes, identical (appearing), brown (but not reddish), 7-9 mm. × 5-6 mm. wide, gynecandrous(?);

There are no anthers. However, there are filaments. In the upper spikes, the flowers are mixed staminate and pistillate with neither appearing to be particularly superior to the other.

Proximal bract, short (7.5 mm.) and setaceous (bristle-like);

Pistillate scales, 3.5 mm., <perigynia, green center, brawn laterally, hyaline margin;

Perigynia, #10 per spike, 3 mm. × 1.4 mm. wide, some weakly winged, papillate, beak flattish, ± sloping to tip, serrulate, achene to beak tip, 1.3 mm.;

Achene, 1.7 mm. × 1.4 mm. wide, biconvex;

Stigma, #2.

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