Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1959.3, Potentilla rivalis  


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  Rosaceae Potentilla rivalis
Scanned 9 January 2019.

Coll. No. 1959.3, 21 June 2018, characters observed: Perennial herb, short-lived(?), 25 cm. to 45 cm., erect, not stoloniferous, hairs, 1 mm., eglandular, soft, not pustule-based; Leaves, basal and stem, equally thinly hirsute above and below, Basal, stipules, 10 mm., simple, free, petiole, 20 mm., blade, compound, ternate, 11 mm. × 12.5 mm. wide, Cauline, many per stem, stipules, 8 mm. × 2 mm. wide, lanceolate, entire, petiole, 6 mm., blade, 14 mm. × 14 mm. wide, leaflets, #3, 10 mm. × 5 mm. wide, lobed ≤½-mid-rib, teeth, red-tipped; Inflorescence, eglandular; Calyx, 3 mm. wide, flattened at base, lobes, 3 mm. × 2 mm. wide, green, epicalyx bractlets, 3 mm. × 1.2 mm. wide, Flowers, limb, 5 mm. wide, Petals, #5, 2 mm. × 1.2 mm. wide, obovate, yellow; Stamens, #12; Anthers, 0.3 mm. × 0.3 mm. wide, Ovary, many, glabrous; Styles, 0.8 mm., attached laterally below top of ovary, thickest at base; Stigma, #1; Achenes, 0.7 mm. × 0.5 mm. wide, tan, glabrous, smooth; without prominently septate gland-tipped trichomes, and with tiny smooth pale achenes, FNANM would put this in P. rivalis.

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