Eastern Mojave Vegetation California State Route 86, Riverside and Imperial County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From Indio south, on the west side of the Salton Sea, to near Calixico.to



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• US I-10:   at Exit 145;  


Junction: US Interstate 10
  50th Avenue, Tyler Street




52nd Avenue
  Airport Boulevard
  62nd Avenue

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• California Highway 195:   at CA 86;
• 66th Avenue:   at CA 86;  

Junction: California Highway 195 “66th Avenue” to State Route 111, Niland, Calipatria, Mecca.

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- Schoenherr, Allan, 1993.

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• Field Notes:   23 May 1993;
Full Size ImageAlan Schoenherr checks the fish traps.  

Full Size Image
Looking for Desert Pupfish Cyprinodon macularis in the fish traps.
Kings Road



Desert Shores

Desert Shores Drive

Literature Cited:
- Van Buskirk, M. C., and M. A. McKibben, 1993.

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• Field Notes:   23 May 1993;
Full Size ImageCalcite vein at Modoc Fossil Hot Spring.  

Full Size Image
View of Modoc Fossil Hot Spring.
Junction: Brawley Avenue, east to Salton Sea Beach, or west to Aggregrate Products, Inc. (API Salton Sea Beach) and Modoc Fossil Hot Spring Deposit.



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• County Road S22:   at CA 86;  

Salton City

  • County Road S22 “Borrego-Salton Sea Way”, west to Borrego Springs, Anza-Borrego, Park Headquarters.
  • South Marina Drive

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• California Highway 78:   at CA Hwy 86 N;  

Junction: California Highway 78, to Julian, Oceanside. North end of SR 78 overlap.
  S30 (Center Street)




S26 (Boarts Road)

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• California Highway 78:   at CA Hwy 86 S;  

Junction: California Highway 78, Brawley Bypass, Victor V. Veysey Expressway. South end of SR 78 overlap.




Intersection of Main Street, 1st Street in Brawley. California Highway 86 turns south.
  Junction: County Road S27 “Keystone Road”

Spreckels Sugar.




S28 (Barioni Boulevard)



El Centro

Interstate 8 Business, CR S80 West, CA 8, Main Street
  S80 East
  Junction: US Interstate 8, west.
  Junction: US Interstate 8, east.




CR S31 (Dogwood Road)

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• California Highway 111:   at CA Hwy 86;  

Junction: California State Route 111, to Brawley or Calexico.
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