Eastern Mojave Vegetation California Highway 78, "Ben Hulse Highway," Riverside, Imperial, and San Diego Counties, California  

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Home Page  From Blythe, California, through the Imperial Valley, to the Pacific Ocean near Carlsbad, California.

Full Size ImageMap of California Highway 78  



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• Neighbours Blvd.:   at US I-10;
• US I-10:   in Blythe;  


Junction: US Interstate 10

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• Neighbours Blvd.:   at US I-10;  

Junction: Neighbours Blvd, from this point approximately 7 miles north to US Interstate 10, Neighbours Boulevard and California Highway 78 share the route.
  Riverside County above ...
Imperial County below

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• Field Notes:  September 21, 2000;

Locations: Milpitas Wash.  

Milpitas Wash

Full Size ImagePalo Verde Mountains, Imperial County, California, with Milpitas Wash in the foreground.  

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• Field Notes:  20-Apr-08;
Full Size ImageCA Hwy 78 north of Ben Hulse Monument  


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• Field Notes:  20-Apr-08;

Locations: Ben Hulse Monument.
Full Size ImageMonument on Ben Hulse Highway  

Dedicated For Public Use
MARCH 21, 1964
This highway parallels the old Indian trail, still visible from here, connecting the Imperial and Palo Verde Valleys.

The grateful people of Imperial County honor the memory of our beloved Senator Ben Hulse, who worked untiringly for the people of the State of California.

Ben Hulse Highway completes the four state system from Canada to Mexico which culminates twenty five years of work by countless civic minded citizens.

Erected by the Native Sons of the Golden West.

De Anza Parlor No. 312.

Grand President

  • Joseph G. Oeschger
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    • Field Notes:  20-Apr-08;
    Full Size ImageBouse Formation outcrop near the Ben Hulse Monument  

    Near the Ben Hulse Monument is an outcrop of the Lawlor Tuff in Bouse Formation sediments. This outcrop demonstrates than the high stand of water here reached 330 m (1080 ft) when the Lawlor Tuff was deposited at 4.83 Ma.

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    • Field Notes:  20-Apr-08;
    Full Size ImageCA Hwy 78 south of Ben Hulse Monument  


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    Locations: Salton Trough.  

    Entering the Salton Trough, below, and to the west.
      Junction: California Highway 115, South.
      Junction: California Highway 115, North.

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    • California Highway 111:   at CA Hwy 78 E;  

    Junction: California Highway 111, South.

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    • California Highway 111:   at CA Hwy 78 W;  

    Junction: California Highway 111, North.





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    • California State Route 86:  46000;  

    Junction: California Highway 86, South.



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    • Forrester Road:   at CA78;  


    Junction: County Route S30, North Center Street, Forrester Road, all names for the same physical road.

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    • California State Route 86:   at CA 78 N;  

    Junction: California Highway 86, North.
      Imperial County above
    San Diego County below

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    - Dorsey, Rebecca J., 2010.

    Locations: Salton Trough.  

    To the east, California Highway 78 enters the Salton Trough.



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    • Split Mountain Road.:   at CA Hwy 78;

    Locations: Ocotillo Wells.  

    Ocotillo Wells

    Junction: Split Mountain Road, south to Fish Creek and the gypsum mine.
      Junction: Split Mountain Road
      Junction: Borrego Springs Road
      The Narrows

    Literature Cited:
    - Luther, Amy, and Gary Axen, 2013.

    Locations: Yaqui Ridge.  

    Yaqui Ridge to the north.

    Luther and Axen (2013) examined geologic paleostress inversion from a segment of the folded West Salton detachment fault located on Yaqui Ridge, a left stepover in the San Felipe dextral fault zone of Southern California. Their data suggest that the tectonic transition from extension to dextral faulting may have occurred under very low differential stress levels, and, if this is true, then it also is likely that both the SAF and low-angle normal faults are very weak.

      Junction: County Hwy S3 “Yaqui Pass Road”
      Junction: California Highway 79

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    • Interstate 15:   at CA Hwy 78;  

    Junction: US Interstate 15

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    • U. S. Interstate 5:   at US I-5;  

    Junction: US Interstate 5
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