Eastern Mojave Vegetation Welch Ditch, Jefferson County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  The Welch Ditch, which first carried water in 1871, was constructed to supply water to Colorado School of Mines when the school was located at the current Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center. It was later extended as far as Smith Reservoir near the intersection of Kipling Park was and West Jewell Avenue.

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• Peaks to Plains Trail:  at Welch Ditch head gate;  

Head Gate.

The plan is to install a suspension bridge from the head gate across to the Peaks to Plains Trail.


Waste gate.

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2311, 3 Jun 2020;  

Jamesia americana on the cliff above the trail.


Narrow steep scramble above the trail.

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• Field Notes:  20210408;
Full Size ImageHornwort on cliff at Welch Ditch  

Small hornwort on cliff.

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• Climbing Access Trail:   at Welch Ditch;  

Junction: JCOS Climbing Acess Trail

Take this trail to go down to the Peaks to Plains Trail and cross the Grant Terry Bridge.

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2315, 3 Jun 2020;
Full Size ImageWhere I found Cotoneaster lucida thanks to Cindy.
Full Size ImageColl. No. 2315, Cotoneaster lucidus  

Unnamed gulch with flume for gulch runoff.

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2316, 3 Jun 2020;
Full Size ImageHesperis matronalis in the ditch.
Full Size ImageWhat the well-dressed botanist wears while chasing noxious weeds in the grass.  

Location of Coll. No. 2316, Hesperis matronalis

Golden s.l. below.

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2451, 5 May 2021;  Coll. No. 2452, 5 May 2021;
Full Size ImageColl. No. 2451, Acer negundo
Full Size ImageFlower of Coll. No. 2452, Acer glabrum  

Plants of Jefferson County Open Space
Jefferson County, Colorado

Acer negundo L.  Box Elder Maple.

Clear Creek, Jefferson County, Colorado. Mouth of Clear Creek Canyon, south side of the canyon, i.e., north-facing slopes, along the Welch Ditch, on berm of ditch, 2.2 km. west of the GNIS location of Golden. 39.7519N, 105.2403W. WGS 1984 Elev. 1777 m. Staminate flowers. Collection location is in both Golden s.l. and Clear Creek Canyon Park of Jefferson County Open Space. Variety interius if infraspecific names are to be applied.

Collected by permit: Jefferson County Open Space, 2021, issued: Apr 1, 2021, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2451. 5-May-2021

Full Size Image
Emerging leaves and inflorescence of Coll. No. 2452, Acer glabrum
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 2452, Acer glabrum

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• Field Notes:  3 Jun 2020;

Locations: Welch Ditch.
Full Size ImageGolden from the Welch Ditch.  

Jefferson County above

Concrete lid at scree slope.

City of Golden below

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• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2318, 3 Jun 2020;  


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• Field Notes:  20210408;
Full Size ImageWaste gate on Welch Ditch.  

Waste Gate

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• Field Notes:  3 Jun 2020;
Full Size ImageLots to see in this photo.  

Intersection of US 6, CO 58 and CO 93.

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• Field Notes:  29 May 2022;
Full Size ImageEvolvulus nuttallianus seen along the Welch Ditch  

Dirt access road.

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• Chimney Gulch Trail:   at junction;  

Junction: Chimney Gulch Trail


Cross under US Highway 6


Cross under Illinois Street


Cross under S. Golden Rd


Leave Golden city limits


Cross under I-70


Smith Reservoir

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