Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1928, Carex praegracilis  


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  Cyperaceae Carex praegracilis
Photographed 9 December 2018.

Coll. No. 1928, 8 June 2018, characters observed: Perennial sedge, to 60 cm., rhizomes blackish-brown; Culms, lightly scabrous; Leaves, 3 mm. wide, revolute, sheaths, inner band not elongated; Inflorescence, 25-30 mm. × 5-9 mm. wide, closely clustered; Spikes, 6-7 mm. × 2-4 mm., identical appearing, nearly all staminate with a few pistillate flowers in some spikes; Bracts, proximal, 6.5 mm., leaf-like; Pistillate scales, 5.5 mm., >perigynia; Perigynia, 1(2) in some spikes, 3.5 mm. × 1.2 mm. wide, adaxial vein-less, abaxial veined, minutely papillate, beak, 1.5 mm., serrulate; achene to beak tip 1.3 mm.; Achene, 1.7 mm, × 1.1 mm. wide, (nearly) filling the body of the perigynia, biconvex; Stigma, #2; Anthers, 1.3 mm., apex bristly.

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