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Tom Schweich  

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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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   When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.







Full Size ImageWilliam Lucien Shaw  
  "William Lucien Shaw, Grandfather of Paul A. Schweich, about 1920, 1851? - 1925

Full Size ImageRachel Lucretia Soaper-Keener  
  Mrs Rachel Lucretia Soaper-Keener
Married at the age of 16 -- 1852 English and Irish parentage.

Grandmother Keener
Died 18th day December 1921
Born July 19, 1838

Full Size ImageHortense and Paul, 1920
Full Size ImageHortense and Paul, 1920
Full Size ImageHortense on Porch, 1920  

Full Size ImageUncle Lester and Aunt Mary's children  
  Uncle Lester and Aunt Mary's children.

Where did Uncle Lester and Aunt Mary live?

Full Size ImageAunt Annie's Cats  
  Aunt Annie's Cats.

Some of these cats had six toes.

Full Size ImageDonovan Show, 1920  

Full Size ImageUncle Lyme and Aunt Livey
Full Size ImageUncle Lyme, Aunt Livey, and family
Full Size ImageUncle Lyme, Aunt Livey, and family  

Full Size ImageA meeting in the park - 1920
Full Size ImageSomething happening in the park.  
  Inscribed: "Our meeting in the park. Two thousand people of Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish origin meet regularly in this park."

Full Size ImageA Church Picnic  
  A church picnic near Fort Worth, Texas.

Full Size ImageJohn Sabchuck  

Full Size ImageHortense and Bobbie with hose.  
    August 26, 1920: Birth of Lydia Pawluk

Full Size ImageHortense, 1920  

Full Size ImageHortense, 1920  

Full Size ImageOlga and Alec in the corn.  






Full Size ImageBobbie Shaw (11), Paul Schweich (4), and Bill Chick (1)  

Full Size ImageUncle Charlie and Paul  

Full Size ImageUncle Charley, Uncle Lyme, and Paul Schweich
Full Size ImagePaul Schweich at Martinsburg Station.  
  Uncle Charley, 80
Uncle Lyme, 79
Paul Schweich 3 1/2
Martinsburg NY
Sunday, June 19, 1921

Full Size ImageFerguson Family visit  
  Ferguson family visit, Charlie Ferguson kneeling with Paul.

Full Size ImageGrandmother Shaw with Paul  
  Paul Schweich with Grandmother Shaw. Kansas City, Missouri (?), 1921.

Full Size ImageGrandmother Shaw with Paul  

Full Size ImageIrma and Paul Schweich in northern New York  
  Irma and Paul Schweich in northern New York, 1921.

Full Size ImagePaul Schweich  
  Martinsburg, NY (probably at the time of the visit to the Fergusons) 1921

Full Size ImageCharlie Ferguson and Paul Schweich  
  Charlie Ferguson gives Paul Schweich a wheelbarrow ride. Charlie was the son of Agnes Ferguson, and had given the sailor hat to Paul.

Full Size ImagePaul Schweich, Age 4  
Paul Schweich Jr
Taken in Lowville
New York by
Property of
Mrs Paul Schweich140 S Roxbury Dr
Beverly Hills

Full Size Image"Olga and friends"  
  Five children in the yard. Back row: unknown, Olga; front row: unknown, Lydia, Alec.

Full Size ImageAlec, Lydia, and Olga, "Jesus Saves, Have You Been Saved?"  

Full Size ImageEdith, Olga, Alex, Lydia and some friends.  

Full Size ImageHouse in Texas, 1618 Broadus Ave.
Full Size ImageMom, Olga, Alec, Lydia, Hazel, Edith Rhodes, and the baby and . . . .  

Full Size ImageAlec Pawluk, Age 3.  
  Photograph has type-written inscription on back:

"Son 3 years old"
"Sun really bright and he squinted."

Since Alec was born in November 1917, and was age 3 when this photograph was taken, I assume that the photograph was taken in 1921.

Full Size ImageOlga and her friends.  

Full Size ImageGroup in front of ? Baptist Church(?)  






Full Size ImageA picnic in Fort Worth  
  A picnic in Fort Worth. The circled children are Olga and Alec. From their ages, I estimate this photograph was taken in 1922.

Full Size ImageClass photo, Alec Pawluk(?) in back row.  






Full Size ImageLydia on horse.  
  Lydia on horse.

Full Size ImageUnknown  

Full Size ImageAn outing to Brush Creek.  
  An outing to Brush Creek. 1923.
Back Row: Irma Schweich (mother), unidentified
Front Row: Paul Robert Schweich (father), Paul Schweich (son), unidentified

Full Size ImagePaul with pet rabbit and cat.  
Paul A. with cat and rabbit
54th and Forrest, K. C."

Full Size ImagePaul and friends in 1923 Touring Car  
Paul A. and friends
54th & Forrest
1923 Buick Touring Car"

Full Size ImageOlga and Alec ready for school.  






Full Size ImageOn back step with Grandmother Shaw  
  On back step with Grandmother Shaw
Front Row: Unidentified, Aida, Betty Shaw, Paul A.
Back Row: Grandmother Shaw, Ruth Shaw.

Full Size ImagePaul and cat  
  Photograph taken 1924 (?) in upstate New York (?)

Full Size ImagePaul with Aida  
  Spring 1924
Paul A. with Aida on back steps
54th & Forrest, K. C.
Aida was foster mother when Irma was ill for several years.

Full Size ImagePaul R. and Paul A. at the new house.
Full Size ImageConstruction
Full Size ImageConstruction  
Full Size Image

Full Size ImageOur family in the back yard.  






Full Size ImageIrma's Flower Garden  
Friends of Paul R. and Irma
74th and Forrest
Irma's Flower Garden

Full Size ImageOutside the porch  
Paul R.
Ruby Shaw (Aunt)
Paul A.
Grandmother Hortense Arvilla Peebles Shaw

Rees C. Vidler, for more than twenty years a resident of Lookout mountain, died in Denver last week, following several months of illness. Heart disease was the cause of his demise. He had reached the age of 72 years. Funeral services were conducted in Denver Sunday, and, in accordance with the wish of Mr. Vidler, the body was cremated and the ashes were scattered from the top of Lookout mountain. Mr. Vidler and his associates purchased the Lookout mountain property about twenty years ago and carried out many plans for converting that section into the famous summer resort which it has become. Mr. Vidler was a native of England, but be had lived in America since 1882. He came to Colorado soon after coming to this country and he had been active in mining and many other projects before coming to Lookout mountain.

He was a member of the Denver club, the Denver Chamber of Commerce, the British School and University club, New York, and Royal Societies club of London, and the Fifth Christian Science church of Denver. He belonged to no lodge or fraternal orders.

Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Kate Vidler; two sons, Capt. Louis Vidler, of Denver, and S. G. Vidler, now of Chihuahua, Mexico, and two daughters, Mrs. Revillon, of New York, and Mrs. Roderick Horne, of England, and a brother, Samuel Vidler, now living on Lookout mountain.

Colorado Transcript, Number 32, June 18, 1925, page 1

Full Size ImageMr. Pettrichko and Family  
  Mr. Pettrichko and Family.

Inscribed on back: "To my dear brother in Jesus, Peter P. Pawluk, from Stefan Jacob Pettrichko, September 28, 1925."

Full Size ImageGraduates of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1925  
  Graduates of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Class of 1925. Peter Paul Pawluk is in the back row, fifth from left. See inset.

Full Size ImageMr. S. Lozuk
Full Size ImageMr. and Mrs. Lozuk  
  In 1920, a Philadelphia Baptist seminary closed causing twenty-three of its Russian students to enroll in the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on the south side of Fort Worth. Learning that several of their fellow countrymen lived on the North Side, the students wanted to convert them.

The seminarians established a church in 1920 with funds provided by the state mission board, calling it the Clinton Avenue Baptist Church for Slavic People. A plain white frame structure, the building had frosted windows, oak pews, ceiling fans, a pulpit, and a baptistry. At a service on New Year's Eve, six Russian immigrants who worked in the packing plants and lived on the North Side were baptized. The young men had arrived on the North Side seven or eight years earlier, most coming without their families, with plans to work a few years and then go back with American dollars which could be traded for twice as many rubles. World War I and the Russian revolution interrupted their plans.

The parishioners became an informal community assistance group that helped others in their transition to American life. The church was the spiritual center of the Polish community, but it also provided a trilingual school of sorts, a social gathering place, and a welcome center for new immigrants. It actually did more to Americanize and indoctrinate the newcomers into Protestantism than to help them keep their old world values and traditions.

Sylvester Lozuk was one of the six young men who was baptized that first New Year's Eve in 1920. Lozuk had arrived in Fort Worth in 1913 to start a new life in America. Five years after his baptism, Lozuk replaced the first pastor, Peter Pawluk, and continued to serve the congregation for over a quarter of a century. He delivered sermons in three languages Russian, Polish, and English and the congregation sang hymns in Russian, Polish, and Czech from translations of the Baptist Hymnal. The Clinton Avenue Church remained the only Slavic Baptist Church In the entire Southern Baptist Convention for several decades.

A dozen years after its establishment, the church listed a membership of sixty, but Sunday services sometimes counted 150 in attendance, including non-members and children not yet baptized. Before World War II, men sat on the right side of the aisle and women on the left according to the Eastern Orthodox custom. When Harry Polinsky, a veteran of World War II, returned home, he found that the custom of separating the sexes by a center aisle had ended.

In 1954, the Tarrant Baptist Association honored Lozuk for twenty-eight years of service. After he died in 1957, by members continued the preaching in three languages. By 1961, however, most of the second and third-generation congregation had moved, or had married English-speaking partners and were attending services elsewhere. The church closed its doors and the remaining members transferred to the Rosen Heights Baptist Church.

Full Size Image“Church at Fort Worth,” “Dad and Mr. Lozuk”  
  With a caption of "Church in Fort Worth" and "Dad and Mr. Lozuk," I think this must be the interior of the Clinton Avenue Baptist Church.

Full Size ImageSlavic Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas  
  Slavic Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Full Size ImageMr. Lozuk and Dad  
  Mr. Lozuk and Dad

Full Size Image"View from our front yard in Texas"  

Full Size ImageMr. Peritatko  

Full Size Image"Dad's Study in Texas"  
  "Dad's study in Texas."

Full Size ImageMrs. R. M. Barrett  
  Mrs. R. M. Barrett






Full Size ImageBruce  

Full Size ImageChicken House  
Grandmother Shaw's Chicken House
Built by Paul R., Henry Chick, Robt. Shaw (Brothers-In-Law)

Full Size ImageEntry to House on 74th and Forest.  
  Inside the entry of house on Forest near 74th.

Full Size ImageIrma and "Baby"  
Irma Schweich & Jersey cow "Baby"
74th & Forrest, K.C.
(Good pet -- Little Milk)

Full Size ImageLeon  

Full Size ImageFamily in Fort Worth  
  Family in Fort Worth. I this this is the same family as the next photo.

Full Size Image"Family in Fort Worth"  

Full Size ImageSomeone's child playing the organ.  

Full Size ImageCorsky  
  "Corsky" -- there are other photos of Corsky.

Full Size Image"Church Children"  
  "Church Children"

Full Size ImageUnknown Woman  
  Portrait of unknown woman.

Full Size ImageJohnnie, Corsky, Mike  
  Johnnie, Corsky, Mike.

Full Size Image  

Full Size ImagePeter Pawluk with unknown family.  

Full Size ImageTexas? Family by their car.  






Full Size ImageAnne Grannick at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927
Full Size ImageJohn Pawluk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927
Full Size Image Anna Korolewicz Pawluk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927  
Full Size Image
Lydia Pawluk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927
Full Size Image
Olga Pawluk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927
Full Size Image
Peter Pawluk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927
Full Size Image
Gless Street Baptist Mission in 1927
Full Size Image
Walt Atamanuk at Gless Street Baptist Mission 1927

Full Size ImageBackyard in 1927  
South side and rear of House
74th and Forrest

The inscription on the photograph says this is the south side of the house, or the porch is on the south side of the house. However, I think the porch is on the north side of the house.

Full Size ImageGroup in Kerman?
Full Size ImageGroup in Kerman?  

Full Size ImageGroup in Los Angeles  

Full Size ImageMan and his car  






Full Size ImagePaul with Bruce II  
Paul A. with Bruce II
74th & Paseo, K.C. MO
73rd & Brooklyn
(the church was on Brooklyn)

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich with new car  
Irma Schweich
1927 Willys-Knight

The neighborhood looks better established than 74th & Forrest.

Full Size ImageOn graduation from 6th grade  
  My dad attended the Pembroke School until the completion of Sixth Grade, when he asked to attend public school to be with his friends.

The Kansas City Library has an artificial collection of materials about Kansas City Schools, titled "Local Schools Collection," including the following about the Pembroke School:

"Pembroke School (Pembroke-Country Day School)
Location: 7444 State Line Road, 51st and Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri
Purpose: Private boys school
Contents: Numerous pamphlets/brochures on the school and summer activities,

In 1984, the all-boys Pembroke County Day School merged with the all-girls Sunset Hill School, which survives today as the Pembroke Hill School (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pembroke_Hill_School)

Full Size ImageOn graduation from 6th grade  

Literature Cited:
- Swallen, Jason R., 1928.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  Coll. No. 2523, 23 Jun 2021;
Full Size ImageFig. 1. - Schizachne purpurascens. Spikelet, floret, summit of lemma, palea, and caryopsis, × 5.  


Swallen, Jason R. (1928, v, 18, p. 203-206) ...

Original Text
BOTANY. — The grass genus Schizachne.1 Jason R. Swallen, Bureau of Plant Industry. (Communicated by A. S. Hitchcock.)
The generic position of one of our native grasses, at present known as Melica purpurascens, has been somewhat uncertain. It was first described from North American by Michaux as Avena striata and later by Torrey as Trisetum purpurascens. From Siberia it was described by Ledebour as Avena callosa and from Sachalin Island by Hackel as the type of a new genus, Schizachne, which he compared with Festuca and Bromus. Hitchcock transferred it to Melica and Farwell to his new genus Bromelica.
An examination of Melica purpurascens leads to the conclusion that the species is generically distinct. The texture of the glumes suggests Melica but the bearded callus, the strongly nerved lemma, bifid at the apex, the divergent awn, and the brown smooth shining caryopsis are characters not possessed by any species of Melica of the section Bromelica to which the species is more closely allied than to Festuca or Bromus. Furthermore the innovations are extravaginal, while those of the section Bromelica are intravaginal and the culms are often bulbous at the base.
The species under consideration shows affinities with Bromus but the styles are exactly terminal and the caryopsis is entirely free from the palea while in Bromus the styles arise below the apex and the caryopsis is adherent to the palea. It also resembles species of Festuca but its bifid lemma and bearded callus exclude it from that genus. It differs from Melica smithii (Porter) Vasey, which has been grouped with it, in the bearded callus, the more deeply bifid lemma and the smooth caryopsis.
In view of these differences it seems best to segregate the species as the type of a distinct genus, taking up the name Schizachne Hack.
The geographic distribution of Schizachne, which is monotypic, is similar to that of a number of species mentioned by Asa Gray,2 being found in northern North American and eastern Asia. This distribution was recognized as early as 1842 by Turczaninow3 who referred his collections, later described as Avena callosa, to Avena striata Michx. Hulten,4 in his Flora of Kamtchatka, also states that Asiatic specimens agree completely with the American ones.
Schizachne Hack.
Spikelets several-flowered, articulate above the glumes and between the florets, the rachilla glabrous; glumes unequal, 3 and 5-nerved respectively; lemma lanceolate, strongly 7-nerved, long-pilose on the callus, awned from just below the teeth of the prominently bifid apex; palea with softly pubescent, thickened submarginal keels, the hairs longer toward the summit; ovary glabrous, the styles exactly terminal; caryopsis dark reddish brown, very smooth and shining. Type species, S. purpurascens.
Schizachne purpurascens (Torr.)
Avena striata Michx. Fl. Bor. Amer. 1: 73. 1803. Not Avena striata Lam. Collected by Michaux "a sinu Hudsonis ad Lacus Mistassins." Type in Museum d'Histoire Naturelle at Paris. A fragment in the U. S. National Herbarium has been examined.
Trisetum purpurascens Torr. Fl. North. & Mid. U. S. 1: 127. 1823. A cited specimen in the Torrey Herbarium, at the New York Botanical Garden, has been examined. It is labeled in Torrey's handwriting, "Trisetum pur- purascens Tor. fl. near Montreal."
Avena callosa Turcz. in Ledeb. Fl. Ross. 4: 416. 1853. "Catal. Baic. nr. 1295" is cited. Judging from the description and a specimen from "Vallis U-scha-gon, Siberia," Kamerov 163, there is no doubt that this is identical with Schizachne purpurascens.
Avena striata forma albicans Fernald, Rhodora 7: 244. 1905. "Quebec, abundant on mossy tableland, altitude 900-1500 meters, Mt. Albert, Aug. 9, 1905." [Collins & Fernald 26] The characters are not sufficient to distinguish it from the species.
Melica striata (Michx.) Hitchc. Rhodora 8: 211. 1906. Based on Avena striata Michx.
Melica purpurascens (Torr.) Hitchc. Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 12: 156. 1908. Based on Trisetum purpurascens Torr.
Schizachne fauriei Hack. Repert. Sp. Nov. Fedde 7: 323. 1909. "Insula Sachalin, in silvis prope Korsakof, Faurie 803." A portion of the type from the Hackel Herbarium has been examined.
Avena torreyi Nash in Britt. & Brown, Illustr. Fl. ed. 2. 1: 219. 1913. Based on Trisetum purpurascens Torr. Not Avena purpurascens DC.
Bromelica striata (Michx.) Farwell, Rhodora 21: 77. 1919. Based on Avena striata Michx.
Perennial herb; culms erect from a loose decumbent base, the innovations extravaginal; panicle simple, about 10 cm. long, the branches one or two together, more or less drooping, bearing one or two spikelets.
Dry, moist, or rocky woods and open places, in North America from Labrador to Alaska, south in the United States to Pennsylvania, Indiana, and in the mountains to South Dakota and New Mexico; also in Asia from Kamtchatka and Sachalin Island, west to Lake Baical.
The following specimens are in the U. S. National Herbarium :
Newfoundland: Quarry, Fernald & Wiegand 4608. Frenchman's Cove, Mac- kenzie & Griscom 10077.
Quebec: Island of Anticosti, Marie-Victorin, Brunei, Rolland-Germain & Louis Marie 20546, 20547. Mount Albert, Macoun 40; Marie-Victorin, Brunei, Rolland Germain & Rousseau 17787. St. Anne River, Allen in 1881; Marie-Victorin, Brunei, Rolland-Germain & Rousseau 17762. Mount au Clair, Fernald & Smith 25, 464. Gaspe, Marie-Victorin, Brunei, Rolland-Germain & Rousseau 17768. Riviere Cap Chat, Fernald, Griscom, Mackenzie, Pease & Smith 25463. Longueuil, Marie-Victorin 3006. St. Jerome, Vitorin 3007. Lac Tremblant, Churchill in 1922. Ville-Marie, Marie-Victorin 8040.
Ontario: Vicinity of Ottawa, Rolland 6089. Gait, Herriot in 1898 and 1901. Jones Falls, Fowler in 1895. Tilsonburg, Macoun 26077. North Shore of Lake Su- perior, Wood 20; Macoun in 1869.
Manitoba: Carberry, Macoun & Herriot 42909.
Saskatchewan: "Portage La Prairie," Macoun 13025.
Alberta: Red Deer River, Brinkman 2199. Calgary, Macoun Edmonton, Hitchcock 11390. Athabasca Landing, Hitchcock 11411. Park, Macoun 98208. McMurray, Raup 143, 147.
Fig. 1. Schizachne purpurascens. Spikelet, floret, summit of lemma, palea, and caryopsis, X 5.
British Columbia: Field, Hitchcock 11538. Lucerne, Macoun 98203. Hazelton, Henry 6.
Alaska : Kenai, Piper 4715.
Maine: Aroostook County, St. John & Nichols 2148. Fort Kent, Knight 9; Fellows 2550. Somerset County, St. John & Nichols 2146, 2147. Farmington, Knowlton in 1911. Orono, Fernald in 1893; Harvey 1299. Mount Katahdin, Fernald in 1900. "Mt. Clifton" Briggs 21.
New Hampshire: Shelburne, Deane in 1915. Jefferson, Booth in 1873. Mount Washington, Eggleston in 1898; Hitchcock 16042; Greenman 1282. White Mountains, Faxon in 1878. Franconia, Booth in 1855.
Vermont: Lyndon, Congdon. Cabot, Knowlton in 1915. Burlington, Flynn in 1901 and 1902. Charlotte, Eggleston in 1892; Hosford 487; Pringle in 1877 and 1878. Rutland, Kirk 983. Townshend, Wheeler in 1912.
Connecticut: Salisbury, Bissell in 1901; Weatherby 3629.
New York: North Elba, Peck 10. Canton, Phelps 154. Lebanon Springs, Harrison in 1890. Arkville, Chase 7444, 7451. Jamesville, Chase 7490½. McLean, Dudley in 1881 and 1884. Ithaca, Metcalf 1617; Pearce in 1884. Chemuga County, Lucy 1055.
Pennsylvania: Loyalsock, Sullivan County, Smith 1864.
Indiana : Logansport, Deam 38375.
Michigan: Chippewa County, Dodge in 1914. Mackinac County, Dodge in 1912 and 1915. Schoolcraft County, Dodge in 1915. Douglas Lake, Ehlers 405. Port Huron, Dodge 25, and in 1904. Lansing, Wheeler in 1887. Grand Rapids, Mulliken in 1896.
Wisconsin: Hurley, Random in 1896. Green Bay, Schuette in 1878. Bellevue, Schuette in 1882. Winnebago County, Kellerman.
Minnesota : Gull Lake, Anderson in 1893. Minnehaha Falls, Minns.
North Dakota: Devils Lake, Lunell in 1902 and 1913.
South Dakota: Custer, Hitchcock 11131; Rydberg 1132. Nahant, Hayward 2412. Elmore, Hayward 1848.
Montana: Columbia Falls, Williams 823 in 1894. Belt Creek, Scribner 371. Barker, Rydberg 3363. "Lower Belt Pass," Williams 823 in 1889.
Wyoming: Sundance, Griffiths 455, 890; Williams 2637. Little Missouri Buttes, Griffiths 575. Clear Creek, Williams & Griffiths 13, 86. Yellowstone National Park, Tweedy 612.
Colorado: Pikes Peak, Hitchcock 1718, 1748. La Plata Mountains, Baker, Earle & Tracy 976. Upper La Plata, Tracy 4304. "Crystal Park" Clements 173 in 1901.
New Mexico: Pecos River National Forest, Standley 4185. Cowles, Hitchcock 22965.
Sachalin Island : Korsakof , Faurie 803.
Japan: Hokkaido, Yushun Kudo in 1907.
Siberia: Kamtchatka Peninsula, Kamarou in 1909. Vallis Uschagon, Kamerov 163.

1. Received February 4, 192S.
2. Proc. Amer. Assoc. 21: 1-31. 1872.
3. Bull. Soc. Nat. Moscou 15: 16. 1842.
4. Flora of Kamtchatka and the Adjacent Islands 1: 118. 1927.

Full Size ImageHouse rented on South Benton  
  My grandfather lost some money on investments in 1928. He had to sell the house on 74th & Forrest, and move his family into this house on South Benton.

Full Size ImageIn front of house on South Benton  
  My father is pretty this photograph was taken so that the house rented on South Benton is shown in the background.

Full Size ImageInscription in Russian  
  Inscribed: "To my dear brother in Christ, Petr (first name) Pavlovich (father's/middle name) Pavluk (last name) for best memory [literal translation; probably means "with all my heart"]. June 1928. D. & L. Pinokovskie." Peter Pawluk is in the middle of the back row.

Full Size ImageWedding of Ivan Bell's Fraternity Brother  
  Ivan Bell at wedding of fraternity brother John, University of Redlands.

Full Size ImageStella Rostosky - August 1928  

Full Size ImageFront of House in 1928
Full Size ImageFront of House in 1928
Full Size ImageRear of House  
Full Size Image
Rear of House
Full Size Image
Forrest side of house
Front of house in 1928. Address is 7421 Forest.

Full Size ImageTwo children in Kerman(?)  

Full Size Image"Daddy picking pomegranates in Kerman."  

Full Size Image"Leon"  
  Portrait of Leon.

Full Size Image"Dad holding a melon in Kerman."  

Full Size ImageUnknown  

Full Size Image"Daddy picking grapes in Kerman."  

Full Size Image"Leon"  

Full Size ImageUnknown woman and two sons(?)  

Full Size Image"Three sisters in Texas"  

Full Size Image"The Ocean"  

Full Size Image"129 S. Boyle Ave, Los Angeles"  
  House at 129 S. Boyle Ave, Los Angeles.

Full Size ImageFive Girls  

Full Size Image"Mr. Atamanuk and Family"  

Full Size ImageMary  

Full Size ImageHouse at 1081 N. Hazard St.
Full Size ImageFour Pawluk cildren in back yard at Hazard Avenue  
  House at 1081 N. Hazard Avenue. Anna and Peter Pawluk on the porch.

Full Size ImageChristmas 1928  
  I'm not sure where this photo was taken. It was not taken in the established neighborhood of South Benton. Nor was it taken on the double street of Forrest Avenue.

Full Size ImageChristmas 1928  
  Annotation of Photo says Spring 1929,
but this photo appears to be part of Christmas 1929 series.
The car is a Willys-Knight Super Six

Full Size Image"Mr. and Mrs. Starchenko"  

Full Size ImageAnna Pawluk
Full Size ImageGroup at Kerman (?)  

Full Size Image"Daddy visiting California, Mr. and Mrs. Pettru___ and Sofie"  

Full Size ImageScout Paul, 1929  
  The inscription on the back of this photo says:

"Scout Paul" Age 12 yr, 2 mo
Christmas Day 1929

However, the photo has similar elements to the Chirostmas 1928 photos.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  July 4, 1930;
Full Size ImageBruce II  

  This photo is with the Christmas 1929 photos. However, Bruce II appears to still be a pup. The 1928 photos also show Bruce II as a pup.

Compare the back stairs of the those with those seen on July 4, 1930

Full Size ImageFive Kids in the Woods  

Full Size ImageFive Kids in the Woods (detail)  
  Paul's Friends in woods
75th & Prospect
Giles Alberg, Reed Gentry, Nat Moore, ---? ---, Luther Marshall

Full Size ImageFive kids in a tree  
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