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Tom Schweich  

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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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 When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.






Full Size ImageLydia, Matt and Tom in May 1970  
Paul and Lydia visit Tom and Cheryl in Eugene

Full Size ImageMatt and Danielle in th yard at Great Grammy's
Full Size ImageVisiting Great Grammy  
Matt and Cheryl at Great Grammy's with Suzanne and Danielle.





Full Size ImageSP5160 works the hump at Eugene.
Full Size ImageEFCX1165, last car in a hump cut.  

Full Size ImageSP 8860 at Eugene locomotive service track
Full Size ImageThe Bowl at Eugene, Oregon
Full Size ImageThe One-Spot (car repair facility) at Eugene, Oregon.  
Full Size Image
The Receiving Yard at Eugene.
Full Size Image
The hump lead at Eugene, Oregon.
Scenes from around the Eugene railroad yard.

Full Size ImageMemento received on Jul 20, 1871.  
Memento from my railroad days.

In July 1971, my last days at the Eugene, Oregon, railroad yard we had a national railroad strike. On the local level, it was mostly friendly, because most of the action was far away in Washington, DC. The railroads promulgated a new set of railroad labor contracts, which came over the teletpyes in the next room. The teletypes went on for hours. The local chairman issued his response, shown at left. The chairman is instructing the brothers to keep good records for claims to be submitted when " this is over." I think that was the view of the local management as well.

I was assigned to operate the VR-2, the hump control computer at Eugene. Kurt Nygaard was the PICL clerk. We worked together to keep the Eugene Yard inventory correct. I'm not sure how well we did. We ran a few trains, but there was no one to walk the trains to check the consist, so perhaps there were a few missing cars and a few sleepers in the consists. Charlie Babers and Howard Mayberry ran the dispatcher's office. I don't remember who ran the hump, or who was cutting cars out on the hump lead. Generally, things were well. Only once did a car of methanol get stuck in the retarders, and the hump dropped another car of methanol on top of it. We tried to release the retarder and just barely got the first car unstuck when the second car hit it. There was a big bang, and both cars' exteriors were soaked in methanol, but fortunately there was no fire.

Another of my assignments was to go to the Eugene Hotel to collect the food. We were supposed to eat before we arrived in the morning. Then the railroad would supply a late lunch - early dinner. The food was excellent, and we looked forward to it each day.

The strike ended the morning that the movers were packing our house for the move back to the San Francisco Bay Area. As soon as the end of strike was announced, the management released me. I drove home, picked up Cheryl and Matt, and we drove as far as Dunsmuir for that night.

Full Size ImageFamily a the Arleta house.  

Full Size ImageTom and Matt run the train.
Full Size ImageLydia tries to get Matt to sing Christmas carols.
Full Size ImageLydia, Matt, and Paul sing Christmas carols.  
Singing Christmas carols and playing with the train.

Full Size ImageSan Luis Obispo, March or April, 1972  

Full Size ImageMatt and Jacob in middle bedroom of Lyon Avenue.  

Full Size ImageDanielle, Jacob, Matt, and Michelle  
Danielle, Jacob, Matt, and Michelle.





Full Size ImageMatt's School Photo, 1975  





Full Size ImageSP 4449 in Jack London Village
Full Size ImageSP 4449 in Jack London Village
Full Size ImageSP 4449 in Jack London Village  

Full Size ImageMatt with a chicken on top of the chicken house.  
Matt with one of our chickens.




  February 16, 1977: Birth of Rachel Elisabeth Schweich.

Full Size ImageLydia and Jacob, 1977  

Full Size ImagePortia and Jacob before field trip, June 1977
Full Size ImageGoing to Milena's birthday party, June 1977.
Full Size ImageThree friends at the zoo -- Johnny, Jacob and Portia, June 1977  

Full Size ImageLydia, Rachel and Jacob.  

Full Size Imageatt dressed up for the Renaissance Faire, Sept. '77
Full Size ImageRachel standing, Sept 1977
Full Size ImageRachel standing up.  

Full Size ImageRachel "Bat-Girl"
Full Size ImageCarving the pumpkin
Full Size ImageHalloween Party 1977  
Full Size Image
Halloween Sack Races

Full Size ImageJacob and Heather  
Jacob and Heather





Full Size ImageMatt's 10th Birthday  
Matt's 10th Birthday

Full Size ImageCharlene and Heather, 1978  

Full Size ImageJacob and Cheryl at picnic table
Full Size ImageRachel and Jacob
Full Size ImageRachel liked to try this way between the trees.  
Full Size Image
Matt trying to sneak into camp.
Full Size Image
Jacob feeds a squirrel
Full Size Image
Rachel unhappy about something.
Full Size Image
Matt's tent collapsed.
Full Size Image
Roasting marshmallows at Hendy Woods
Full Size Image
Rachel and Jacob enjoy marshmallows
Camping at Hendy Woods State Park, Mendocino County, California, in August, 1978.

Full Size ImageRachel, Jacob and Matt at the Merry-Go-Round.
Full Size ImageAt the Tilden Merry-Go-Round.  

Full Size ImageRachel at 22 months.  

Full Size ImageChristmas, 1978
Full Size ImageChristmas, 1978  

Christmas 1978






Full Size ImageLydia and Rachel do dishes.  

Full Size ImageJacob and Rachel at Christmas.
Full Size ImageHeather, Jacob, Rachel, and Matt.
Full Size ImageRachel Schweich, Christmas 1979  

December 1979

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