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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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 When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.



Locations: South Table Mountain.
Full Size ImageQuarry on South Table Mountain
Full Size ImageView from north rim of South Table Mountain.  

Tuesday, February 7th

Hiked South Table Mountain, from Quaker Street to North Rim.
Full Size Image
Rounded cobbles on top of South Table Mountain

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Locations: North Table Mountain.
Full Size ImageFront Range Climbing Stewards trailer at top of Golden Cliffs Trail  

Friday, February 10th

North Table Mountain, Golden Cliffs Trail over the top and back by way of the Climbing Access Trail.

Other articles: Golden Cliffs Trail along trail Field Notes Coll. No. 1319, 4 May 2016
Full Size ImageRibes aureum in winter.
Full Size ImageTwigs of Ribes aureum in winter.  

1319  The same Ribes aureum from which I made Coll. No. 1319.

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Full Size ImageLocation where Munroa squarrosa was found
Full Size ImageMunroa squarrosa “False Buffalo Grass”  

Looked for Munroa squarrosa
Full Size Image
Location where Munroa squarrosa was found

Full Size ImageLittle unknown grass.
Full Size ImageAnother little unknown grass.  
Two other little grasses found while looking for Munroa squarrosa.

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Full Size ImageAbandoned vehicle on Arapahoe Street.
Full Size Image"For Sale" van stored on street for months.  

Monday, February 27th

Walk through Mesa Meadows and down through social trail.
Full Size Image
North end of social trail off N. Ford Street.
Full Size Image
Social trail.
Full Size Image
Social trail west across open space.

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Full Size ImageSouth Table Mountain Fire on north slope of South Table Mountain
Full Size ImageEphemeral stream crosses trail  

Friday, March 10th

Hiked the City of Golden North Table Mountain Trail from the Peery Parkway trailhead to the Golden Cliffs Trailhead and a little beyond.
Full Size Image
Ephemeral stream crosses trail

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Locations: North Table Mountain.
Full Size ImageDeer above spring, southwest slopes of North Table Mountain.  

Thursday, March 16th

North Table Mountain and Park.

From the stream crossing on the City of Golden trail, climbed up the slope to find the spring. It is at the top of the second run, and at the base of a thicket. The spring has been “improved” in two locations. One has a 1 inch black plastic pipe coming out ot a small thicket. Presumably there was a small spring box that is now overgrown. The other improvement is a small metal drum that has been cut open and laid sideways in the watercourse. This probably ensured a small pool of water for wildlife to drink. The drum is now filled with rocks. Above the spring is the head scarp of a large landslide on which the surface is level to sloped back toward the mountain.

From the head scarp I went north to the North Table Mountain Trail, then up the social trail to the top of the mesa. I checked the spoils pile for Astragalus, then returned by way of the Golden Cliffs Trail, stopping to verify the location of Munroa squarrosa.

Full Size Image
Spring improvements, plastic pipe south down the hill.
Full Size Image
Spring improvements (steel drum set in watercourse).
Full Size Image
Downhill view from the spring.

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Full Size ImageA gate and hiker pass-thru has been added to the fence.
Full Size ImageSurvey monument just off-trail.  

Monday, March 20th

Tin Cup Ridge. Part way then down the side of the hill.
Full Size Image
Ripple marks on the bottom of sandstone strata.
Full Size Image
Ponderosa pine along trail which has been partially felled by a hatchet or axe.
Full Size Image
Sink hole above a closed mine.

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1567  Claytonia rosea. Just a few in bloom, open east-facing slope, in grasses and forbs, below mountain mahogany growing along the ridge line.
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