Eastern Mojave Vegetation
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By Tom Schweich

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Dinner with my cousin Sydney and her husband Dave.

Photograph taken August 21, 2003.

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Becci, Matt, Cheryl, and Simone around the fire at Lost Lake, CO.

Photograph taken August 22, 2003.

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Colorado, June

Matt, Becci, Simone and Cheryl at Sprague Lake.

On Sunday, we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Had lunch here at Sprague Lake.


Simone and Cheryl read a book.


Simone at Sprague Lake.


Streamside in Rocky Mountain Park.


Becci, Simone, and Matt on Pike's Peak.


Cog railway to Pike's Peak.

On Monday we went to Pike's Peak. The grade here was 25%.


Matt, Simone, Becci, and Cheryl on top of Pike's Peak.


View from Pike's Peak.

Looking just north of east, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs are at the base of the mountain.


Simone at picnic ground at Sprague Lake.



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